My fellow Americans, our White House is America’s most dangerous enemy! Biden has weaponized the Corrupt DOJ and FBI to work against us, the American people!

True Socialism can only be enforced by dictatorships or one party states, like N.Korea, China and Venezuela! Socialism stifles innovation and competition! It doesn’t work unless the corrupt government takes away the rights of the individuals! To stay in power, Socialist governments disarm their citizens! Just like the Biden, DOJ and FBI are trying to do to the American people!

The only way a command economy can run is if government seizes control of everything and eliminates personal freedoms!

The “open borders agenda” is about making it easier for government to turn America into a Socialist state!

When government owns everything, as in Socialist societies, individuals own nothing, our homes, cars, we own nothing, we have no pride in ownership of nothing!

America, it is time to vote straight GOP, or we will LOSE EVE

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