They Researched Election Anomalies And Fraud And Made A Very Good, Factual, Detailed Documentary Called "Selection Code" (Watch It Free, The Link Is Below).

The President Bolsonaro not only denounced yesterday September,28 of 2022 all the unfair changes in Electoral Rules for this Election of 2022 already so Centralized Electoral System/Electoral Superior Federal Court that is a thing of Socialist-Communist-Nazi-Fascists to CONTROL AND FRAUD THE ELECTIONS RESULTS SINCE 1985 TO KEEPING THE COMMUNIST-NAZI-FASCIST SCUM IN POWER IN ANOTHER ELECTIVE POSTS IN FEDERAL, STATE AND LOCAL LEVEL SUCH CONGRESSMAN, SENATORS,GOVERNORS,MAYORS,CONCILMANS that only exist in Brazil are Illegal, Unconstitutional,TOTALITARIAN,AUTHORITARIAN AND TYRANNICAL.

Bolsonaro convoca Forças Armadas - YouTube

Canal do Professor Opressor Emerson TeixeiraCatólico, atleticano e eleitor do BolsonaroDireita conservador e inimigo dos comunistassite pessoal www.EmersonTe...

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