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Suddenly. An American magazine accused Zelensky of lying and Ukrainian nationalists of killing Jews.

According to the author, Zelensky never once apologized for his statement at Babi Yar that "Ukrainians made a choice 80 years ago and saved the Jews.

▪️"He's right, the Ukrainian people made a choice then, but not to save the Jews. Almost all Ukrainians either participated in the massacres or kept quiet when their Jewish neighbors were rounded up and slaughtered in places like Babi Yar."

▪️"Many of those who pulled the trigger were Ukrainians themselves.

▪️"This is not the first time Ukraine has massacred Jews. In 1648 Bogdan Khmelnitsky led a pogrom where tens of thousands of Jews were killed, including infants. A monument to this genocidal murderer still stands in the center of Kiev." https://t.me/c/1270294306/...
1 yr. ago
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