Frank Seymour
America, Bill Gates doesn’t need millions of acres of farmland!

Bill Gates is Called Out by Farmer for Buying Up Farmland!

Will Harris is a fourth-generation farmer from Georgia, where his family has been farming for 152 years now. Harris himself has over 67 years of farming experience.
He has some deep concerns about Gates, a man who has been in the tech business for nearly 50 years now, suddenly buying up and controlling massive quantities of America’s farmland.

Gates starts with growing things and farming. But by things, I only mean plants. In recent days, Gates has announced his aversion to agriculture as it applies to animals and livestock. According to the billionaire, livestock is a serious reason why our climate is supposedly failing us. And so, in his mind, we need to forego that tradition and switch to plant-based everything.

Why does Gates want ALL this farmland? He’s a tech, NOT a farmer! Does he plan on making Americans, vegetarians? Control food, you control
1 yr. ago
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