6 months ago
Touching Hearts Wellness is a Holistic Christian company that equips, empowers, and educates individuals about the need to practice holistic self-care and taking charge of your own wellbeing.... so you can be the best version of yourself. We are spiritual beings living in a physical body with a soul. So we have to take care of ourselves on many different levels. This business enriches lives by providing various products such as best Christian books, herbal teas and many more.Touching Hearts Wellness was birthed out of my own personal struggle to truly care for myself. The busyness of life combined with emotional stressors caused me to ignore the need of taking care of myself in the most basic way such as eating nurturing meals, exercising, sleeping well, etc., so my own heart health started to crash. As I embarked on my wellness journey this encouraged me to help and support others in their own journey as well.

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