PRAY Month of May bills adjust out especially for rent
Communication with apartment manager

It's not Friday but my son asking for prayer SO WE MUST PRAY needs to be set free delivered from LGBT rebellion

They needed a season to mourn Now testifying their tragedy story to the world They deserve to become heard

Lesson learn mess with mama bears you lose
Pennsylvania High School Teacher Suspended For Hosting Drag Show without Parental Consent (VIDEO)

See I could end up needing to spend $1000's of dollars on this flower adventure But instead I'm choosing to use what I have to work with . Plus discounted misfits flowers to do this flower ministry and so far working out great .
Can not wait until FULL BLOOM happens for sure

Elon acquiring Twitter is the best thing that could've happened for freedom of speech. There a lot of exciting & positive changes that Elon has planned to make this platform a better place. Other billionaires spend their wealth for personal benefits, @ elonmusk helps humanity. Yes I know there EXTREME NEGATIVE as well in this story

We pulled out weeds and added good soil Added where flowers prayerfully will spell out "LOVE"HOPE" added a heart Center will remain wildflowers . Want the surprise of blooms . Prayerfully draw birds but no deer's welcome to flower garden . They have the woods I say . Leave my flower beds alone .
Need to start seeing growth now since received some TLC and prayers

There some how some way will be enough evidence For a guilty verdict for Numberg 2 which is coming and will happen With throttle of data that is happening