Mumblit Updates Cover Image
Mumblit Updates Profile Picture
Mumblit Updates

Edited hovercards for users to look better and give important information.


Fixed inability to add .wmv files as uploads. Was alerted to this earlier today and added the extension and MIME type to the upload allowed lists.

We have added a way to contribute to content creators here on Mumblit! Use your site wallet to donate specifically to post creators on their posts!


Update to #apps version 16:
- Fixed Youtube video embeds.
- Changed in-app "add the group" to "invite"
- Fixed notifications display
- Fixed ability to see content when viewing reactions/comments/replies from notifications list.

Groups now allow posting of products. This now allows you to make fore sale groups, and yard sale groups., Also, add user to group has been removed and replaced with group invites. This ensures no one gets added to a group without permission.