About Vericons

Mumblit uses special account badges known as "Vericons". These badges are issued solely by the administration of Mumblit, and provide the following distinctions from simply being "verified":

  • A Vericon designates a special class, title, or honor bestowed by the Mumblit platform.
  • Those with a Vericon tend to produce more trustworthy content and sources, than those without.
  • Some future features added to the platform may be available only to those with a specified vericon.
  • Those with a Vericon will display an icon in the lower right hand corner of their avatar. Hovering over the icon will display their designation.

Why would I want a Vericon?

The overwhelming majority of Mumblit users will never have the need, or the want, for a Vericon. However, business accounts and celebrities/infulencers tend to want these designations in order to show that they are an established brand/personality. As such, they tend to eliminate questions about the actual validity of these accounts by confirming their stature and/or association with the specified brand.

What Vericons exist?

Official Infulencer
Indicates an account that has reached a large amount of people with their content. This typically includes video creators and bloggers who create consistent interaction with their Mumbls.
Verified Celebrity
Indicates an account that has starred in films, tv shows, sports, and/or other content of large public visibility.
Site Administrator
This indicated the account is an official administrator of Mumblit.
Indicates an account that is an elected member of any local, state, or federal political position.
Mumblit Moderator
Indicates an account that is trusted to help administrators in essential content functions of Mumblit.
Lead Mumblit Moderator
Indicates an account that is tasked with overseeing moderators and provide corrective action to accounts.
Media Distributor
Indicates an account that consistently posts newsworthy content, but most often is not the original source.
US Air Force
Indicates an account that is a US Air Force Member/Retiree and/or Veteran.
US Armed Forces
Indicates an account that is a US Armed Forces Member/Retiree and/or Veteran.
US Coast Guard
Indicates an account that is a US Coast Guard Member/Retiree and/or Veteran.
US Marine
Indicates an account that is a US Marines Member/Retiree and/or Veteran.
US Navy
Indicates an account that is a US Navy Member/Retiree and/or Veteran.
US National Guard
Indicates an account that is a US National Guard Member/Retiree and/or Veteran.

How do I get a Vericon?
Vericons are an Administrator-Only award to accounts that have verified their stature. Periodically, Mumblit will request information from specific accounts in regards to providing them a Vericon. If you have been contated. please provided the information requested by the Administrator in order to expedite the addition of your badge. You can use THIS LINK to apply for a Vericon. Be advised that any documents provided to complete the Vericon process will be deleted from our system regardless of approval/denial.

Donation Only Vericons
There are a vericons only people who donate/monetarily support Mumblit can get. These Vericons are announced monthly, and are given to those who donate for that month. Since these are special only to those who have donated, they cannot be obtained any other way, and cannot be obtained outside of the month they are designated for.