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Owl wizard, Vtuber, and upcoming game designer. twitch.tv/dingusthestrix

Here is my new PNG model! Special thanks to @MorphBox who worked really hard to make this piece a reality. I recommend giving him a follow and encouraging him to post more of his art!
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Right now I'll continue to use Twitch and potentially YouTube as well. However, I will soon start investing in alternative platforms such as Odysee and Rumble. If Twitch keeps making horrible decisions like the ones they've been making recently, then I'll go somewhere else.

Perhaps this revelation about Twitch is a blessing in disguise. With the recent decisions Twitch has been making, people are looking for alternatives. Alternative sites I've had my eyes on have streaming as a feature and I may begin using them.

UPDATE: I've been informed that Twitch may be punishing people for their choice of browser. I personally prefer to use the Brave Browser because I value my privacy and it comes with its own AdBlock. If this turns out to be true, then I just might consider other platforms.

I guess I still got the Twitch app to check the stream quality.

As well as last night's stream went, I still had to put up with recent Twitch fuckery. Is anyone else experiencing issues with clipping and raiding? I'm unable to do so and it seems like my friends have been having the same issue. I figured that maybe logging out and logging back in might fix something, but that made things worse... I cannot log back into Twitch, at least not on desktop. The mobile version seems to work just fine. Luckily OBS is connected to my Twitch account so I still should be able to stream.

Last night's stream was really fun! I got to talk to chat for an hour about RPGs, play some Mana Khemia, and then end it with some Smash Ultimate matches. Thank you to everyone who showed up to my png model debut!

Currently, playin' Smash rn. Anyone is welcome to join!
Arena Name: DONGUS

Currently being scuffed by the Scuff Lords. The stream will resume soon!


Setting up some things last minute. Stream will be starting soon!

Today is the day! I will be revealing my new PNG model on stream tonight! The stream will begin at 8:00 pm EST/EDT! Come witness my magnificence!
#vtuber #pngtuber #VTuberUprising

It was nice to stream again! Having to miss a day sucked, but I'm glad I was able to do today's!

I'm not feelin' it today so I'm canceling today's stream. I apologize.

The only games I have planned for October are Parasite Eve and F.E.A.R. I might play a Resident Evil or a Silent Hill game idk. Does anyone have any good horror game suggestions? #vtuber #spooky #spookymonth

I have decided that I will be finishing my marathon of Mega Man games with Mega Man & Bass. I'll save 9, 10, and 11 for a later date. Tune in next Friday to my final Mega Man stream!


I'm excited to play Mana Kemia tomorrow! I know next to nothing about this game/series so everything will be a new experience. I love doing streams like that.

This week's schedule:

Tuesday 9/20 - Mana Khemia - 6:30 pm

Thursday 9/22 - Mana Khemia - 6:30 pm

Friday 9/23 - Megaman 8 - 8:00 pm

Saturday 9/24 - NO STREAM

All times are in EST/EDT