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Two hours until stream starts!

Moemon stream will be starting soon!

Vote for my starter if you haven't already: http://www.strawpoll.me/46...

Squirtle & Charmander are my only options.

New Moemon playthrough today.

I'm either gonna choose Squirtle or Charmander as a starter since I already tried with Bulbasaur. Click this link to vote: http://www.strawpoll.me/46...

If no one votes or it ties, I'm leaving it up to a coin flip.

I'll be starting a new Nuzlocke tomorrow. I have two more Nuzlocke attempts until I just start playing Nier: Automata again. I chose Bulbasaur as my starter last time and now I want to change it up.

How should I choose: Squirtle or Charmander?

Vote in the strawpool: http://www.strawpoll.me/46...

Poll ends 15 minutes before stream.

I forgot to post the Nuzlocke rules I was following here on Mumblit. To makes things easier, just click this link to my Minds post: https://www.minds.com/news...

I will be attempting another Nuzlocke tomorrow on Thursday. This time I will pick a different starter and be a little bit smarter when it comes to matching up my Moemon. And hopefully this time around I won't mess up in catching Moemon too.

Death Counter: 11
Badges: 2
Revives used: 0

Since I used Ivysaur last time, my only choices are Squirtle and Charmander. Which one do you think I should use? (2/2)

First Nuzlocke Run Failed...

Welp, it happened. I failed the Nuzlocke. My team wasn't prepared for Lt. Surge and everyone died as a result. Moemon MegaFireRed Version doesn't only cover the first generation of Pokemon games, but it goes up to the sixth generation as well. Lt. Surge hit me with an Emolga (electric/flying) and a Luxio (pure electric, but it can learn Flame Fang) and took down my team which comprised of an Ivysaur, Parasect, Nidorino, and a Corsola. He also managed to paralyze everyone that I sent out. While my Moemon were quite strong, most of them having a shared weakness of flying, ground, and fire really made things difficult in certain match-ups. It also didn't help that there were some Moemon I simply failed to catch like the wild Mudkip (which would've have been amazing against Surge if I evolved it) and the Skorupi. Add it my recklessness when it came to some of the newer Moemon I managed to catch and now everyone is six feet under. (1/2)

Streaming now! Time for more Moemon!

Moemon Stream in 2 hours!

I'll be continuing the Moemon stream today in 2 hours. Time to get the second badge!


Time to play more Moemon today. I got a mighty team consisting of an Ivysaur, a Nidorino, a Paras, and a Bidoof. I will be taking on Misty at the Cerulean Gym. Surely nothing can go wrong...

This week's schedule:

Tuesday 5/23 - Moemon MegaFireRed

Thursday 5/25 - Moemon MegaFireRed

Friday 5/26 - Banjo-Tooie

Saturday 5/27 - Starfox and Starfox 64 (maybe some other retro games too)

Sunday 5/28 - Moemon MegaFireRed

All streams begin at 8PM EST


Moemon in 2 hours!

The RPG stream will begin in 2 hours! Watch me do my damnest to make sure my Moemon survive!


Currently streaming taking a break. Come join! Stream will resume in 10 minutes.

Moemon MegaFireRed Version Nuzlocke!

Here it is folks! The next RPG I'll be playing. Moemon MegaFireRed Version! And not only that, I'll be doing my first ever nuzlocke so prepare for pain and anguish as I try to make sure everyone survives!

My first Moemon stream will be happening tomorrow at the usual 8pm EST. I will be playing this game every Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday. I will make a post with the full set of rules that I will be abiding by in my playthrough.


Saturday Smash & Retro Gaming!

It's Saturday! You know what that means? Some good ol' Smash Bros and some cool retro games. I will be streaming in 3 hours. Come check it out!


Banjo-Tooie Stream today!

I'll be playing more Banjo-Tooie today! See you all in about 2 hours!


Nier: Automata Finished... For Now...

I completed my first full playthrough of Nier: Automata! I got ending A! This was a really fun experience, I'm really glad I played this game. I'll definitely play more in the future since there's multiple endings in this game. I managed to get 4 so far and I believe there are 26 total. There's an ending for each letter in the alphabet. I got 22 more to go!

My endings are A, K, T, and W.

Now then... what RPG should I play next? I actually already decided, but I won't reveal what it is until Saturday. To all my followers, prepare yourselves for what I have in store!

Artist: Hood/후드

Source: https://beta.sankakucomple...

Pixiv: https://www.pixiv.net/en/u...

Nier: Automata stream today!

I'll be streaming Nier: Automata today at the usual 8PM EST. I'll be focusing a little more on the main quest.

Artist: Sashaalex

Source: https://beta.sankakucomple...

I forgot to advertise my stream today... I'll try to make sure that doesn't happen again.

The Scuff Lords have attacked as per usual, but do not dismay. The stream will be up again soon!

I also messed with my settings and now my N64 games look way better now! Prepare to see what I mean next Banjo-Tooie stream!

I messed with RetroArch for a bit and I managed to fix the issue that caused slow down in both Banjo-Kazooie and Banjo-Tooie! I even managed to fix the slow down issue with Paper Mario whenever I was in a dark room.

N64 games should no longer be an issue now.

This week's schedule:

Tuesday 5/17 - Nier: Automata

Thursday 5/19 - Nier: Automata

Friday 5/20 - Banjo-Tooie

Saturday 5/21 - Super Smash Bros. Ultimate & Retro Games

Sunday 5/22 - Nier: Automata

All streams begin at 8PM EST