Mumblit Support Area

Accounts & Usage

  • How Many Accounts Can I Have?

    Technically you can have as many accounts on Mumblit as you have valid e-mail addresses. However, Mumblit does reserve the right to limit those who create excessive numbers of accounts to artifically inflate metrics, or spam.

  • How Many Characters Can My Mumbl/Comment Be?

    Mumblit currently has a 600 character limit on posts and comments. Pemium users have their limit increased to 1200 characers on Mumbls/Comments. No plans are currently in place to change these hard imits at this time.

  • What is a Valid E-Mail Address?

    A valid email address is any emai address that you are ble to view and receive messages from. Non-Valid email addresses are those that are made up, and do not exist/belong to you.

  • Is There Any Cost to Having Mumblit Account?

    A basic Mumblit account does not have any cost association and is essentally "free". The account bandwidth and usages are typically paid for by advertisements you see across the platform. A premium acount adds more features to an account, and had a base price, however, it removes the advertisements that free users would typically see.

  • Is There a Limit to the Number of Mumbls/Comments I can do per Hour?

    The typical rate limit, which represents the number of mumbls/comment you can produce per hour is capped at 500. This cap seems to be more than enough for any user to stay under, hence why we have choose it. A cap rate increase is not likely to occur based on current trends.

  • What's the Shortest Password length Possible on Mumblit?

    The shortst length is typicall 6 characters, with maximum being up to 32 characters. These include special characters like ! and &.

  • How Do I change my Avatar and Profile Cover?

    Changing your profile avatar and cover image is a simpe process:
    - Click on your name in the upper right area of left menu.
    - Move your mouse cursr over the image you wish to change.
    - Click on the + symbol.
    - Select the image you wish to upload and click open.
    - The image will automatically upload ad change on your profile.

  • How Do I change my Password?

    You can change your current assword by going to this link. Simply put in your current password and enter a new one twice. The 2 new password entries must match exactly before the change will take effect.

  • How Do I Edit My Profile?

    You can edit the details and information in your rofile by clicking edit my profile/settings. Here you can select what asect of your account you wish to modify or add to.

  • What is "Verified"?

    Verification is a way of confirming that your profile is actually you, and not someone posing as you on Mumblit. Getting verified can occur 2 possible ways.

    You can apply for verification by submitting a request for verification through your profile settings.. This method involves several steps and a large amount of communication between you and the site administration.

    The second method is by becoming a Premium User. This method involves much less in the way of verification documentation, as it uses your payment information typically as verification.

    The simple benefits of being verified means that members on the platform will know any information or content shown on the profile is from the actual person or organization.