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Princess Debbie downer joins the Disney princesses 👸

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1918H1N1 aka “Spanish Flu” – The Worst Pandemic of Them All
It's been estimated that the Spanish Flu went on to kill more than 50 million people...

1918H1N1 aka "Spanish Flu" - The Worst Pandemic of Them All - Flashbak

1918H1N1 aka "Spanish Flu" - The Worst Pandemic of Them All - Flashbak

The “Spanish flu” pandemic of 1918/19 was awful and it was terrible. The 1918H1N1, to give its proper name, has been estimated that it infected about a third of earth’s human population and killed about 50 million people. In Britain

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The Obamagate Movie

The Obamagate Movie

Join us in helping The Obamagate Movie to bring the truth to millions of Americans.

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So the major of Minot, North Dakota without the consent of citizens of Minot decided to raised a large LGBTQ+ flag at their City Hall, so of course this brought a lot of controversy, especially since no other flag but American, city and state flag should be raise in government buildings. Concerned citizens of Minot addressed this issue to the mayor during a public hearing, one of the issues with the LGBTQ+ movement is that it keep adding more sexual identities under its protection, that’s why it normally has a + at the end. In my home state of California, lawmakers are slowly making the state friendly for pedophiles provided that it is consensual sex between an adult and minor, pedophilia in many LGBTQ+ organizations are being recognized as a sexual identity that’s no different than homosexuality or lesbianism. If that sounds extraordinary to you then look at how the Sundance film festival and Netflix defended, awards and places the film “cuties” on their international platform, “cuties” portrays 11-year-old girls in the most sexualize light the film makers can show, and its being defended by verified movie critics.

During the Minot Public Hearing many citizens were concern about the implications of the + in LGBTQ+ because pedophilia is close to becoming an acceptable sexual identity, T. Denny Sanford, the richest man in South Dakota and a major donor to children’s charities, was being investigated for possible possession of child pornography, this is why many Minot citizens were deeply concern about this LGBTQ+ flag, however LBGTQ+ activists are reporting this young man and his friend as homophobic, when in reality they were only addressing their concerns about pedophilia being acceptable in the mayor’s administration, at the end of the public hearing Lisa Olson the wife of the police chief who was also in the public hearing community and who claims to be a christian; express her disapproval of the Christians in the audience who opposed LBGTQ+ lifestyle. The entire public hearing can be seen on YouTube, the scene where the young men are accused of being homophobic with their question when in reality the topic was about pedophilia is in 2:150