Apple dropped its latest iOS version 16.0 at WWDC 2023 and it has surpassed all expectations. Major changes in the UI, overall design changes and integration of some safety features were the key in the announcement. In this piece we expand upon some key features and how it will impact the developers.

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The differentiator between great frameworks and others is its resources. Meta is leaving no stones unturned in making React Native a great platform to build mobile apps. In our latest piece we take a look at some of the best resources for React Native to use in an application in 2023.

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WordPress is a familiar word for many of us. Despite its familiarity, we might have underestimated it. This article would provide you with eleven surprising facts about WordPress that would leave you surprised.

Websites on WordPress are pretty much centered on plugins. The only part that needs extensive coding is the data fetching and the design responses. There is a concrete reason why the founders and the core team are looking to revolve the whole framework around just plugins. Read our latest piece to know more about what are some of the most relevant plugins for websites in 2023.

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Developers and Apple’s Developer Program together have created a community that strives for excellence in the world of iOS apps. Both the developers and the manufacturer work in tandem to create endless possibilities of development. In our latest piece we take a look at ways in which Apple helps its community of iOS app developers.

For companies looking for a developer who is a jack of all trades and wants to save the cost, then a full stack developer is all you would need.

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How many times have we wished to have a checklist to follow when we hand over a project to an agency? When it comes to choosing the right partners to offer you technological support, you often tend to get overwhelmed with the sheer volume of information at your disposal. In this piece, we shortlist a few attributes an agency that offers iOS development must have.

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It is no coincidence that data safety is at the core of every software update these days. Both web and mobile technologies regard user data as the single most precious thing on the internet.

Make your business website compatible with all Apple hardware. If that is what it takes for business cervical, then the iOS Development Agency has you covered.

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It’s the API world and we are just living in it. Third party integrations are one of the best things to have happened to website or app development in a long time. In our latest piece we take a look at some of the most amazing APIs that your WordPress website must have in 2022.

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Instead of constantly worrying about security issues, why not develop a fully secure iOS app in the first place? Here are ways that would help you to develop a secure iOS application.