Biden administration proposes expanding access to no-cost birth control under Obamacare

US judge rules that Biden team’s LGBTQ proposal wrongly interpreted Obamacare provision

This as well as MANY #hospitals Closing is due to #ObamaCare thanks to the Fascist Communist EVIL Barack Hussein #Obama Soetoro Soebarkah!
Operations at Delaware County Memorial #Hospital to be suspended

Massachusetts Democrats want to wreck dental insurance too https://www.washingtonexam...

but but but obamacare...

Obamacare ‘Time Bomb’ (expiration of Obamacare) To Hit Right Before Midterms:

Trump Endorses Dr. Oz Despite History of Promoting Trans Agenda on Kids
Dr. Oz pushed gender ideology on children, defended abortion standards, called for red flag gun laws, helped craft Obamacare, and more.

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Obama visits White House on Obamacare ‘anniversary

Biden Moves Toward Expanding Obamacare to Eliminate the ‘Family Glitch’ in the Plan

READ: https://1.breakingheadline...

White House expands ObamaCare again, fixing 'family glitch' and broadening subsidized plan eligibility

Sippy Cup hung in for 32 minutes at least. We decipher as much of the babble as we could take. Truth Social looking like Obamacare so far. The Pod:


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