How Product Development Helps a Business Truly Engage With Its Customers
Publisher: Rinkesh Shah On Jun 8 , 18 09:38 AM

The prime goal while delivering any product is customer satisfaction. There are three parameters to measure this – function, looks and price. The best balance of these three determines a successful product and the one that sells...

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What Mumblit does with YOUR data
Publisher: On Apr 26 , 18 04:44 PM

Data and content has been a big deal since the unmasking of Facebook's data selling and tinkering. Protection of this data and ability to have control over how it can be used has been a hot topic debate in many aspects, as well as us...

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Will there ever be equal Justice again in America?
Publisher: Chuck On Mar 27 , 18 02:59 PM

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What has happened to the Democratic Party?
Publisher: Chuck On Mar 27 , 18 02:46 PM

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