Have you seen this?

The Supreme Court is CONSIDERING Taking Up a 2020 Election Case.

The suit is accusing the entire House, Biden, and Mike Pence of TREASON.

This is a big deal, right?


The GOP worked AGAINST Trump candidates, which effectively tamped out the Red Tsunami.
They sabotaged their own party because they love the uniparty so much.
The #GOP establishment needs to go.

“Historically, from the late Roman Empire to Weimar, flagrant homosexuality has been associated with sick societies, decadent cultures and dying civilizations. Today would appear to be no exception."
-Pat Buchanan

If you're tired of being tracked by your phone but still don't want to get rid of all features, take a look at the Light Phone:


You may have heard that the Biden* admin just bought $290m worth of anti-radiation drugs... what if they aren't for radiation?


Remember when people were going through a drive-through to get a Covid test?
Ever wonder what happened to that data?


There is no single thing that has contributed to human prosperity more than the poorly named "fossil fuels".

How to detect a Democrat hoax:

1) Anonymous source
2) Reported by NYT or WAPO
3) Story lacks detail
4) Lack of detail allows Schiff and Swalwell to tweet about it
5) Mockingbird pundits repeat

Weird how the
has lots of time to investigate every person in DC on #Jan6th but NONE of these people:

SHOCKING VIDEO! 13 Minutes of Never-Before-Seen Footage of Ballot Trafficking in Detroit, Michigan - Including Postal Workers


This happened:

Trump: "They took my passport"
Media: "No they didn't"
FBI: "Oh, sorry yeah we did take it by accident. He can have it back"

The documents that the FBI wanted from Mar a Lago are the documents pertaining to the FBI and the illegal, corrupt Russiagate hoax.

The only war Trump started was against Sex Trafficking

You don't think we're in a war?
Judge Behind Mar A Lago Raid Is Epstein-Linked, Obama Donor.


"I know a family that fled Poland to flee from Russia and went to Canada. They then fled Canada because of all the insanity of Trudeau and refused to return. Since their visa for America is expiring, they said to me that they may now go back to Russia."


The FBI agent who was leading the entrapment scheme in the botched "kidnapping scheme" of Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer was sent to DC and is now leading the FBI investigation into #Jan6th .


No, mRNA Covid vaccines do not offer long-term protection from serious illness


The truth is that we are in the midst of a Carbon drought.