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Hoover also never hired women as FBI agents because of his past hurt with a woman, one could say. He was very sexist and did not like women sexually. This was despite the fact that women like Lyudmila Pavlikovska was a trained military sniper during WW2 in Sevastopol in the Soviet Union, women fought in the Italian, French and Polish Resistance in WW2, in the Spanish Civil War, and Russian female pilots known as “Nachthexen” by the Nazis fought the Luftwaffe.
Needless to say, the sexists hated that.
He had gay sex parties, and one of the witnesses to that was a certain Mrs. Rosenstiel, who saw Hoover dressed up in fishnets and makeup.
Today’s FBI has blacks, women, and every ethnicity known to man enforcing the law. Discrimination has vanished from those ranks.
4 months ago

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