Timothy Benton


Father, widowed, author, journalist, seeker of truth, exposer of lies.

With Colleges teaching incoming teachers that pedophilia is natural, is it of little wonder that there is an uptick in these cases in schools?


Meet our new white house press secretary who accused all FOX views and hosts of being racist, and claims Stacy Abrams never lost the election.


Activists decided to protest in a church; the members were having none of it, pushing them right out of the church.


Pro-life center bombed, church services disrupted, and the White House giving tacit approval, one has to wonder, where will pro-choice activists attack next?


With Roe likely to be modified or done away with, we have Democrat Senators and House leaders calling for Revolution, to codify Roe, others are just attacking to be silly.


AOC and the far-left have now decided to cancel all things Ed Koch, due to complaints he may have been a closet homosexual and debunked claims of racism.


Elon Musk's purchase of Twitter is done. Now the Leftists are in full panic; who knows, maybe he could do back to them what they have done to conservatives.


With pressure from stockholders and from Musk, who has raised funds to buy out Twitter, the board is now revisiting his offer for a buyout.


Representative Eric Swalwell, who is known for bedding Chinese spies, now attacks Florida for protecting its children, saying they are trying to kill Mickey Mouse.


CNN+, a pay for woke news, crashes and burns less than a month after it opened. People aren't willing to watch CNN for free; why would they pay for woke news?


Musk doubles down on the takeover of Twitter, puts more money in the pot, and shares with Twitter stockholders where the money for the takeover is coming from.


Duke University, in its Divinity Seminary, has now turned its chapel into a place of prayer to the Great Queer One.


New Hampshire, a deep blue state, shows Biden would lose against a GOP challenger if the election were held today.


Judge overturns Biden's mask mandates on Trains and Planes. Two sides, two reactions: the right rejoices, and the left has a meltdown.


As Christians in Europe and around the world celebrate Easter, we see in Europe riots and attacks against these people by Muslims.


Durham has now brought in Clinton's Attorney and is looking at Hillary's connection, along with what the Obama administration knew during the Russian Collusion Hoax.


Elon Musk makes the first move in the takeover of Twitter, offering $41 billion for control of the company.


Ex-CEO of Reddit attacks free-speech, calls advocates of free speech "free-speechers," and says the only reason people support free speech is to push "racism and extreme stupidity."


Democrats are great at pointing their fingers at others to take their eyes off them. They are saying White supremacists are the greatest threat to America; they are wrong. It is radical Democrats.


Texas Governor Abbot is busing illegals to Washington and says he will drop them off at the capital. But why? If you want to make a statement, drop them off at the homes of representatives that support illegal immigration.


North Carolina is the newest state in almost a dozen Republican-led states to ban biological males from competing in women's sports.


Elon Musk buys over a 9% stake in Twitter, making him the largest shareholder. It has just been announced he will be on the board of directors, is change coming?


A year ago, the media called out Ukraine for its corruption; now, if you say anything against intervention, you must be an agent of Russia.


Babylon Bee, a satirical site, in response to USA Today naming Assistant Health Secretary Rachel Levine "Woman of the year" names him/her Man of the Year, Twitter goes crazy and shuts them down.


Ex-spies, leaders of US intelligence, came out during the 2020 election and said that Hunter's tablet was fake Russian misinformation. Where are they now?