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Liberals are forming their opinion on Elon Musk for arranging the hate on Twitter?
The only ones added were the ones censored, tho only ones complaining are the snowflakes, the only ones not used to free speech are those same Liberal's.
As Elon strives to the task of a ‘Free Speech Platform’ the Marxist,Communist & Socialist come out of the woodwork like roaches.
Complain of hate, division, racism & all those wonderful elements of Liberal beliefs.
It becomes harder to support even the smallest Liberal ideology. Economy, Ethics, false Patriotism and of course the HATE of American values.
Thinking skills have never been the skill presented in any comments, posts or tweets. They always start with a false premise of false facts, evidence and real life proof.
IF I’m lie-in , I’m die-in.
Has anyone read or seen anything positive from a Liberal?
Nor have I.

What do you mean WTP don’t have any leadership?

I’ve been on “Social Media” for 10 years. I’ve written messages to enlighten, inform & educate.
My writing was taken over by something I’ve never had before, an urgent inner feeling to save those who need saving.
However, since then there has no real response and the “Social Media” platforms block, censor & do not allow everyone to “See, Hear or Comprehend “ this is going to shorten my time & teaching.
Messengers before granted word of mouth. Today, nobody believes in much of anything.
J.P.(just plain) Lloyd

No changes in rhetoric or posting,mumbles, tweets or publications.
Sure looks like we’re going into the midterms with the status quo as being fine with everyone!
I truly thought that the world was going to change, however the only thing that will change is who attacks first and with what!
Right now it looks like, Russia first, America second, China third, N.Korea, Venezuela, Brazil (China), Iran, Syria added to all the other countries that love America.
Biden’s Administration has pushed the world to the brink of World War III and can’t remember who his wife is or how old she is!
You keep posting, tweeting, Mumbling & Publishing hoping & praying YOU & I are wrong.