John Jackson


I'm A Aussie living in the USA I became a US Citizen in 2017

This is what the news will not tell you about

Will not be holding my breath waiting for him to be arrested

Will the left and the media say anything about this I bet not

I'm having an issue posting something tried it twice and got an error message can anyone help ?

🔴 Ukrainian President Zelensky Tells U.S. Congress Why Biden Carries Responsibility for Russian Invasion
Well, there you go.


🔴 Elon Musk Issues an ‘Important Warning’ to Ukraine About Starlink Systems Being Used to Communicate
Here's what the Tesla CEO had to say.


🚨🇺🇦Zelenskyy: "16000 volunteers from around the world came to Ukraine to join battle against occupants."
According to Terror_Alarm sources, Most of the fighters come from Denmark, Japan and the UK.

NEW: ‘Convoy’ of Romanians Caught Illegally Crossing Border in Maine: CBP