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I'm A Aussie living in the USA I became a US Citizen in 2017

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🔴 Ukrainian President Zelensky Tells U.S. Congress Why Biden Carries Responsibility for Russian Invasion
Well, there you go.


🔴 Elon Musk Issues an ‘Important Warning’ to Ukraine About Starlink Systems Being Used to Communicate
Here's what the Tesla CEO had to say.


🚨🇺🇦Zelenskyy: "16000 volunteers from around the world came to Ukraine to join battle against occupants."
According to Terror_Alarm sources, Most of the fighters come from Denmark, Japan and the UK.

NEW: ‘Convoy’ of Romanians Caught Illegally Crossing Border in Maine: CBP

Keep THIS In Mind Folks And Stay Focused On What HAS BEEN And IS Going On In OUR Country...Because WE All Live Here.

I can not believe the amount of people trying to defend Biden's response to the Russian Invasion of Ukraine

M2 Browning: The WWII Machine Gun we Still Use Today - YouTube

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If Russia gets away with invading the Ukraine watch China go after Twain