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#InfowarsPoll : Voters Believe GOP Leadership Will ‘Betray’ Them After Retaking Congress in Midterms

📣 NATO fears launch of super torpedo "Poseidon" by Russia, called "weapon of Apocalypse"
If Poseidon is used, US satellites infrared sensors useless: "super torpedo was designed to emit very little heat and move silently at a speed of over 100 km/h".

Must-Watch Event! David Icke

Russians Living in Estonia to Have Guns Forcibly Confiscated by the Government

Roger Stone Says DeSantis Will Announce His Candidacy After the Midterms #AlexJonesShow

Denver is a bullseye for a nuclear attack because of Norad to the south , and Warren AFB to the north. German legislature is openly warning that September 24th will be a day when everyone will remember “exactly where he or she was" What do you think is going to happen on 09'24/22?


What is going on in Denver?Thanks for watching!God Bless you all!!!!If you like my content and wish to see me continue making videos, please consider support...

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No matter what race, color, or creed you are, today we honor the lives that were lost on 9/11. United We Stand Divided We Fall! #NeverForget #9 /11 #proudtobeanamerican #USA

🗣🚫 SNEAK PEEK: The Alex Jones/Andrew Tate Interview Globalists DO NOT Want You to See!

Steve Bannon Joins Alex Jones After Arrest To Rally Patriots For New Revolutionary War Of Information

Hope this is fake but it looks like they are able to monitor people who have been vaccinated. #wow #Vaccine #nwo #WHO #thegreatreset

Allegedly, this man hacked the government system and is watching people’s vital signs that are vaccinated.He claims that he can see, who is awake and sleeping through their heart rate.I hope that this is fake#Vaccine— Kevin B - - (bambkb) September 9, 2022

Queen Elizabeth II Dead At 96

#Fauci - #COVID19 #Vaccine may become annual, like flu shot - #ArrestFauci -

Navy Veteran Miles Rahimi founded Projectfortysix their goal is to provide insight into Oklahoma’s most pressing social and political issues. Even if your not a resident of Oklahoma please help them in their fight against Big Tech and a complicit media that has lost credibility.


jabrakk Obiden wants to let you know that working people like YOU built this country as he continues to price you out of existence.

We understand something that MAGA Republicans in Congress don't. Wall Street didn’t build this country. Working people did.— President Biden (POTUS) September 5, 2022

If you do not like public schools then send your kid to a private school or home school that does not accept state or federal funding. Once a school accepts state or federsl funding it is at the mercy of the NEA or the OEA which is the same thing. The OEA or NEA are progressive groups that are designed to indoctrinate your child into progressive thinking.