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Halloween 2022

This year, everyone should dress up as Tony Fauci or Billygoat Gates. It is, after all, a holiday celebrating death!


FREE Video Series plus Six FREE eBooks--Brave: Live Courageously, Heal Miraculously


FREE eBook - Building Your First Website

The "Free" part should be good for at least all of today, Friday, September 16th. But whether today or tomorrow, double-check and make sure the price at Amazon is still in fact FREE.

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Microsoft Defender's Bogus Warning re Google Chrome And Related Browsers

Microsoft's antivirus tools have mistakenly labeled Google Chrome and other browsers as housing malware. The error didn't cause any harm but may have annoyed or confused millions of users.

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Never Forget, either the person holding the airplane or the person in whose home that painting hung.

"The Lord had given them the day and the Lord had given them the strength. And the day and the strength had been dedicated to labor, and the labor was its reward. Who was the labor for? What would be its fruits? These were irrelevant and idle questions."
-Leo Tolstoy,
"Anna Karenina"

"In proportion therefore, as the repulsiveness of the work increases, the wage decreases."
-Karl Marx,
"The Communist Manifesto"

"Butter was plastered on to the roll with no regard for the hard labor of the cow."
-Kate Atkinson,
"Life After Life"

Sneak Preview--Covenom 19 "World War V"

Below is an email from Jonathan Otto, who has done numerous excellent series on CV1984, and on more routine health matters.

It's a bit unclear how long the 24-hour viewing windows is, or whether it might be extended. To be safe, assume it ends at 9:00 am Pacific Time on Saturday, September 3rd.

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When Doves Die

Dove Season Opening Sept. 1; Opportunities Available Throughout California


The 2020 Coup free—AS OF THIS WRITING--eBook

One of the many email lists I have found helpful is Robin Reads. While I'm no fan of Kindle, there are times when Kindle is better than not getting a book at all.


You'll Be Real Damn Cold And You'll Be Happy About It

Four natural gas plants..."Boom!"


Wouldn't Have That Problem With Soylent Green

37 people in 4 states? Far more than that are injured in motor vehicle accidents every day! Time to ban cars?