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@administrator and I are going to be grandparents in 6 months! we are beyond excited! ❤️ we can't wait to welcome a little boy/girl into the ?!
our daughter crystal is 3 months pregnant ❤️ congratulations crystal and Ricky on the pregnancy we love you both! can't wait to be Nona and pop pop! we're looking forward to the future! looking forward to helping bring this little one into the world and help mold it into the little human it will grow up to be ? we couldn't be more happier! ?

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Identifying the Corrupt Elite Powers / The New World Order? | theE FLOW SHOW With Eric Soliz (EP.9) - YouTube

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Man Creates 3D-Printed Guns, Sells Them for $21,000 During NY Gun Buyback Event

small update released for google play that keeps app in compliance.

Ben Livingston: The Father Of Weaponized Weather

#AlexJonesShow : EMERGENCY BROADCAST: Globalists Unleashing TOTAL WAR to Launch Great Reset

Tune in NOW:

Well now... Looks like corn pop is at it again arming the less fortunate...

Guarda tu de Martha's Vineyard No te quieren señor
Keep your ass off Martha's Vineyard they don't want You Señor

New York: Armed Mugger Killed After Victims Fight Back

A man described the harrowing true story of his near-death experience after suffering a heart attack shortly following a Moderna booster jab.

Watch & share this hilarious satire video by Ben Delaurentis that humors what would happen if an Infowars host wanted to switch places with a CNN pundit!

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Top 6 Patriot Social Sites to Join & Post

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