And the winner is... Noah Thompson and everyone who watched an excellent season of #americanidol . The Pod:

Warrior DNA scares the woke. Lotsa stupid criminals. Biden likes lunch! The Pod:


The Top 5 competed. The Finalists are named. Hint: Idol Radio Show nailed it. Enjoy the Pod: #americanidol

Can anyone keep it real? We try. School Boards matter. Dobbs isnt the end of the world. The Pod:


The Top 7 become Top 5 with a strong showing. Noah may have taken the lead. The Pod: #americanidol

Stress Free Zone Night. And the truth on woke Disney from the boss in Sweet Florida. The Pod:


Only 7 left after Disney night's Top 10 show. We pick the Top 3. Are we right? The Pod:

Can a quirky billionaire save us from ourselves? Cops blaze up in NJ legally. Stupid Criminal needs to leave Florida. The Pod:


Top 14 revealed. Shocked at a few still in and who is now gone. Do you agree? The Pod: #americanidol

Top 20 Show. Leah Marlene, Christian, and Ava Maybee cement Top 10 slots. The Pod: #americanidol

Inflation solution-increase pollution. Elon causing mental health days for the woke. Best license plate ever. The Pod:


Cadence Baker, Noah Thompson, and Leah Marlene dominated a strong T24 Show. The Pod: #americanidol

Top 24 part one. 2 go home. Who? Jacob Moran and HunterGirl (again) stood out. The Pod: #americanidol

Gender gender gender. The new mantra of not bright people but may qualify for the Supreme Court! Plus Word Salad is not healthy. The Pod:


Duet night always fun. Fritz and Leah, Tristen and Cameron, Christian and Nicolina stood out to us. Showstoppers next! #americanidol

Sleepy and Will both lost it. One we get, the other? This is why we have a Bad Reputation (for a real good time)! The Pod: #offthehookradio


Hollywood Week! Danielle Finn, Katyreh Love, Ava Maybee stood out. Duets next. The Pod: #americanidol

Sippy comments on New World Order. Kamala explains the internet. NYT admits they rigged it. The Pod:


Jay Copeland stole the final audition show. Haley Reinhart mentor next week. We pay tribute! The Pod: #americanidol #americanidol20 #AmericanIdol2022

Audition Show 3 gave us Cadence Baker!! She totally stole the show for us and it was a fun show anyway. Enjoy the Pod: #AmericanIdol2022 #americanidol