Daryl Wilson


I'm a former uniformed law enforcement officer and state criminal investigator as well as Christian pastor and retired small business owner.

This platform is awesome, right? I think so, too!

But having an active profile on other platforms can be essential as backup communication with fellow patriots. As we saw in the last few years with President Trump and other conservatives, radical globalists and extreme far left actors are hell bent on destroying America. The silencing of our voices is key to their success.

If you would like to connect with me on any of the other platforms represented here, simply search for "DarylWilsonUSA".

Also, I noticed that after I post something, I do not see it unless I refresh my browser tab. That kinda sucks to have to do that every time I post. Is this a problem with my Firefox browser or something to do with this platform?

So, apparently, I am unable to edit my last post. Not sure if it is an issue with the platform or with my browser, or ___?___, but that is a bummer to discover. Maybe someone will read this and correct the issue or advise on how to do it. I clicked the tiny 3 dots, selected 'edit' and nothing happens.

Well, I submitted avideo that I recorded on my smartphone to become verified on this platform. Not sure if the video is clear enough to read the information on my ID cards, but my ugly mug is clearly shown behind the cards. Guess I need to wait a few days for a response now. Nothing else to report at this time. #TrumpWon

And here is a test of some photos posted to the platform.

This is a test post to see how things look on this platform. Here is a link to a Rumble video that I created.