Idaho lawmakers consider criminalizing adults who help minors get abortions

Minnesota moves to fortify status as refuge for people seeking abortions

Vermont Senate passes bill protecting providers of abortions, trans procedures from legal action

Department of Defense Seeks Runaround of State Law to Enable Abortions

Pentagon to provide travel for service members getting abortions, plus paid time off

Down syndrome abortions to be outlawed in GOP bill aimed at building ‘culture of life’

America, how much more of this illegal “abuse of power” by this ILLEGAL scumbag Biden are we, the American people going to tolerate/allow! It’s time for the sorry-ass Supreme Court allows evidence of the swing states proving Biden is illegally in our White House!

Now this scum is aborting pregnant illegal aliens!

The Biden Administration is Now Helping Pregnant, Underage Illegal Immigrants Get Abortions

This ILLEGAL Biden administration MUST be removed from OUR White House! NOW!!!!!

Amy Schumer Calls Ye a ‘Nazi’ While Hosting SNL Before ‘Midterm Abortions’

Pro-life groups urge states to step up support for women after data predicts 60K fewer abortions in next year

U.S. Bishops: Biden wrong for promoting abortions

Abrams: Abortions will ease inflation burden

Pentagon will pay for service members to travel to obtain abortions

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