Terms of Use

The 3 rule code

Mumblit.Com operates on the idea that you (user) will abide by the terms set forth as a contingency for continuing use of this social media platform. Abidance by these rules set forth will ensure liability issues, and keeps Mumblit.Com held-harmless to any actions, verbiage, and opinions expressed by any user on the website.
  1. Do not make death threats, threats of harm, or hint at such actions to anyone/thing.
  2. Do not post pictures of a pornographic nature. This means that any pictures/videos posted on Mumblit should not contain male or female genitalia, or depictions of acts of a sexual nature.
  3. No illegal software, programs, content (terrorist organizations, hostile events, ect.) is allowed to be posted or distributed on Mumblit.
Following these 3 simple rules will ensure that your account does not get banned or hasve action taken against it.

No Crybabies Allowed

It may sound mean, or even non-compassionate, however, Mumblit has no time to deal with people who find everything offensive. In fact, we recommend you do not use Mumblit if you have this issue, as we only take action on posts that contain violations of the 3 rules above. Find something offensive and don't want to see it? Simply block the user. We promise this action will ensure you do not see offensive content to you. Is someone harassing you? Block them. We are not sure why folks have such a hard time hitting the block button on people who they deem unwanted. End of story.

Content Caveats

The biggest issues we come across on social media platforms is "Who owns the content?". Technically, the content is placed on this server and shown to the masses, so one could decipher from this that "we"(Mumblit) owns the content. However, this is not true. The content owner is the person who originally posted the content. Meaning we do not preside over such matters and try to figure this stuff out. It is up to you to watermark, or lead to nsources that prove the ownership of your content long before publishing it to an area where millions of people may potentially steal it. You, and you ALONE, are responsible for this and Mumblit is not liable for any lost revenue, content theft, ect that derives from your inability to read this TOS. Be advised, this is your only warning!