About Mumblit
Mumblit is a free speech social media platform crafted to ensure no meddling, censorship, or punishment for having real opinions! Post what it is you wish to say without political retaliation by our platform!

What is Mumblit.Com?

Mumblit.Com is a social media platform that encourages free speech, no censorship, and full support of the U.S. Constitution. Because of this, all constitutional rights are protected under our platform.

What is Mumblit.Com's purpose?

Mumblit is here to serve our members in creating a space for real conversation, debatrs, and ideas to be expressed. We do not bias ourselves based on our own political affiliation, and will not discriminate or degrade our services to those who do not share the same views, politics, or ideas as we do. Because of this, our members are free to express themselves but also need to be aware that all of our other users have their voice as well. Therefore, do not expect us to punish our users for voicing their opinion.

What does Mumblit do with my data?

Unlike other social networks, Mumblit will not sell, distribute, or market any data provided by its members for self-gain. Information on our network is 100% private until you make it public. As such, this idea pertains to your personal information, as well as content.

Questions? Contact Us!

E-mail us with any questions at Support@mumblit.com!