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😡😡😡Congratulations #America you should why I say #AmericaUnderJudgement #AmericaInApostasy - Instead of donating to the over 25 #socialmedia Platforms I am on to keep #FreeSpeech going, NO THEY ARE NOT MAKING ANY MONEY, I KNOW THAT I KNOW THE COSTS OF SOCIAL MEDIA! Nor offer to help disabled handicapped people like ME (all I ask is crumbs to keep my websites going), nor help those in need, you chose to obey #Satan #Lucifer #Beelzebub by giving to #SonlifeBroadcasting again, to #JimmySwaggart #DonnieSwaggart #GabrielSwaggart so he can get his Post Hole/Piled High & Deep Degree, their henchmen, Loren Frank Larson, Joseph P. Larson, Grace Anna Larson Brumley, the Rosenstern Brothers, etc. I wake up every morning at 2AM suffering in pain from Nursing Abuse in 2018 & I pray daily & literally CRY OUT for ALMIGHTY GOD TO JUDGE AMERICA! You like America now guys with all the floods, fires, etc. etc.???? 😡

AFTER YOU READ THIS, NEVER AGAIN I EVER WANT TO HEAR ANYONE ATTACK ME FOR CALLING & MY INTERNET #Church CALLING OUT TO ALMIGHTY #God TO JUDGE & DAMN #America NOW FOR THIS EVIL for my #GodDamnAmerica Tour! IF 75% OF AMERICA WOULD OF GROWN A PAIR AND RESISTED #Tyrants THIS WOULD NEVER HAPPED! If you go against me on this, you get to starve & get what you deserve! My fellow #Dispensationalists of the Independent #Baptists & #Grace #Believers , where are your voices or wanting to be raptured out of responsibility when the truth is the #Rapture is not happening in our life times and ONLY until God says so at the end of the Dispensation of Grace!? (I FORGET, there is only an apostate "church" in the Shamed States of America!
#Amish #Farm Under Threat From Feds For Refusing To Abandon Traditional #Farming #Practices (Video) https://sonsoflibertymedia...

#Proverbs 22:6 #kjv “Train up a #Child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.”

O Lord our Provider who is always there for us. Glory to You, our GOD most High for all the prayers that are being answered in these times. Lord, we look to You to aid us in times of need, turmoil, unrest and in these times of great divide, how willingly and with love You come to us giving us the reassurance and relief that we need, thank You Father. Lord, it is a sad state of affairs what is happening to the homeless population, there is not a lot of help for the homeless and this is shameful. El Roi, You are the great GOD who sees all that is taking place on earth, you see the homeless suffering, being mocked, ignored, left to try however they can to fend for themselves. Not all homeless are there by choice as we know Father, some have came upon rough times, others are innocent children or our vets who have been forgotten by society, these homeless Almighty GOD need Your Divine intervention. It is with sadness we see them laying upon the street in temperatures too hot or too cold, no

Heavenly Father, As we look at events in the world, the horrible crimes against the children and unborn babies, the corruption and globalist control, the removal of GOD Almighty from our daily lives, our eyes are open to how broken this world has become. Lord, we repent for the ignorance of our ancestors who turned a blind eye, who said, "we don't discuss Religion and Politics," they were wrong Father, it is partly that lack of discussion that got us to where we are today, a broken world. Father, we pray that anyone who does not know you, anyone who has turned away from you, anyone who has participated in destroying Your Creation, earth, REPENT and comes before You our King of Kings to receive your everlasting salvation. Your Glory is shining bright across the earth El Shaddai, and it is with joy and love in our hearts for You, that we Praise You in the VICTORY that is about to take place on earth. YOUR VICTORY LORD! Praise GOD, we Thank You. By the Blood of Jesus, we pray, Amen and Am

Almighty Yahweh, beloved Father of Israel and America, we rejoice in Your Holy Name. Lord, Your servants Benjamin Netanyahu and Donald J. Trump are awaiting the next direction from You to bring them back together again. Lord we need Your Divine Intervention in this fight to take back Israel and America out of the dirty clutches of the cabal. Father, from the beginning of time it has been You, our Creator, our Protector our Leader, our One and Only always and forevermore. As You lead Donald J. Trump and Benjamin Netanyahu in this path to take back Your Holy Land, Israel and the Land of the Eagle, America we ask You to send Your Heavenly Angels to watch over them keeping them safe from all harm here on earth and from any other dimension. May they come together with clear minds and hearts, undeniably in Your Word, with full clarity, compassion, understanding, and love of GOD and Country as they embark on the tasks You have set forth for them. All the praise we give to You, Yahweh, for bri

The Almighty and Abortion

Daily Surge, coming at you Monday...
-- Full Picture, Please! Maligning George Washington Reveals Historical Ignorance, Lack of Perspective
-- Ten Most Common Abortion Arguments: Yes, They Can Be Confidently Answered
-- Wanna Solve Gun Violence Problem? Then THIS Definitely Has to Be Banned as Well…
-- Believe in an Almighty God? Belief in Miracles Ought to Follow


-- Believe in an Almighty God? Belief in Miracles Ought to Follow

By Barack Hussein #Obama Soetoro Soebarkah teaching the children that it is OK for 2 men to marry, Barry is blaspheming and calling Almighty God a LIAR!
#romans 3:4a #kjv #God forbid: yea, let God be true, but every man a liar;

Huge Cache of Deleted Documents Reportedly Being Recovered from Hellish Biden Laptop
Little did Hunter Biden know when he stumbled into a Wilmington, Delaware, computer repair shop to drop off his damaged laptop that three years later it would produce a seemingly endless series of embarrassing and potentially incriminating headlines and cast a shadow over his father’s presidency.
We already know that much of what has been reported from “the laptop from hell” seems to violate the laws of both man and the Almighty.
On Wednesday, however, we learned that a whistleblowe

Prayer to Ignite Deliverance, Discipline, Dedication, and Drive

"Father God, help me to seek You for deliverance. Don’t let fear of the unknown or fear of failure keep me from accomplishing everything that You have called me to be and created me to live. Let me develop the discipline to maintain that deliverance, and give me dedication and drive to become ferocious in prayer and in life. As I read your Word today, let your Word come alive into the depths of my spirit, fill me with insight and wisdom, Almighty God. Give me a Daniel-like spirit not to merely survive, but to thrive in the mid

One picture worth of millions of words.

We must not allow this world to clash. We are the ones who are supposed to keep the peace alive. Choose love instead of war, choose unity instead of conflict!

Let's pray for all those innocent souls and ask God almighty for peace and forgiveness

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