USAF F-22s FRANK01 & 02 launched from Langley AFB, VA joining up with KC-135R 57-1473 GASMN02 for aerial refueling.

The military jets using the call sign “FRANK” is significant. Frank Luke Jr. was an American fighter ace in World War I better known as the “Arizona Balloon Buster.” He is credited with shooting down 14 German surveillance balloons

Arizona bill would allow pregnant women to drive solo in HOV lane

Arizona Official Wants Kari Lake Investigated on Potential Felony Charges Punishable by Prison


Mayorkas, Harris claim that 'border is secure' is not true, Arizona sheriff says

Rashada picks ASU after Florida-NIL deal fallout

Rashada picks ASU after Florida-NIL deal fallout

Arizona Official Demands Investigation of Kari Lake on Felony Charges for Sharing Images of ‘Illegally Counted’ Ballots

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Deep State Panic: Arizona Democrat Officials Want To JAIL Kari Lake on FELONY Charges For Showing Ballot Signatures Exposing Election Fraud

Arizona the Next Big Push for Drug Cartels As Border Crisis Worsens

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Arizona Republicans elect former Trump official Jeff DeWit to become next party chair, will replace Kelli Ward

Lawsuit accusing private prisons in Arizona of slavery now before top appeals court

Yuma Arizona ‘On The Brink Of Collapse’ Due To ‘Unprecedented’ Migrant Surge

Democratic Arizona Gov. Katie Hobbs defends decision to keep bussing migrants out of state

Arizona Gov. Katie Hobbs announces new position to review death penalty cases

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