My fellow Americans, this anti-American scumbag Soros has a dual “Citizenship”! The evidence against this scum financing BLM and ANTIFA is staring these politicians square in their faces!

Soros needs to have his “American” citizenship removed and the SOB needs to be DEPORTED back to wherever the SCUM came from! Soros is funding the destruction of our nation and he MUST be thrown out of our nation! TOTALLY and his finances frozen/confiscated!

NYC mother-of-three who slammed into group of BLM protesters refuses to take plea deal

: "I'm outraged for Nancy Pelosi. This woman has taken the hard earned money she's made from insider trading & invested in a pair of cans at 82 years old, and comes home to find out that her husband is playing hide the hammer with a BLM guy?!"

its so funny how SO many of the reported "aNtIfA bLm tErRoRiSt!!!1!" crimes are committed by cops and right wingers that later get caught or admit to it

America, our nation’s top law-enforcement, the DOJ/FBI are corrupt as hell, enforcing the SOCIALIST “DOUBLE STANDARD” of our laws! Instead of going after real terrorists, BLM and ANTIFA mob members, they are attacking moms and dads bitching at school boards about their children’s brainwashing education!

Who are we going to get to stop the blatant lies and lawlessness spewing out of this White House and the SOCIALIST congress, with our FBI being just as corrupt!
Everyone of these scumbags swear an Oath to “protect, serve and honor our Constitution against all enemies, both foreign and domestic!” The DOJ/FBI and at least half of our Congress are Socialists, all who have thrown their OATHS into the trash! Our top law-enforcement is run by SOCIALISTS, period!

Wisconsin's Democratic governor fueled deadly BLM riot

Report: BLM Cofounder Patrisse Cullors Renovates Backyard of Her Luxurious $1.4M L.A. Mansion
10.8.22 - We CAUGHT em ALL, COMMUNISM in our FACE, HUMA, Witchcraft, Hunter, YU, BLM, GOV…1 Day at a time! PRAY!

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ME: people should have stopped using this demon owned place a long time ago. You all knew it was giving money to murder babies. And gives to blm.

Life sentence for man who killed Missouri cop during BLM riots

A fool and their money are soon seperated

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