Biden admin takes heat from former US officials for criticism of Iranian dissident group: ‘Flagrant betrayal’

USA-Iran oral history at the 1998 World Cup: Political tension, teammate betrayal and humiliation

Ronaldo accusing Man United of betrayal is last desperate move to force exit

America, stop and think, this SOB Biden is 100% illegally in OUR White House, do to massive “VOTER FRAUD”! THIS HAS BEEN PROVEN! The 5 swing states have been investigated and the corrupt Biden DOJ/FBI won’t allow the evidence to be brought forward!

This ILLEGAL scumbag must be removed from OUR White House!
Biden is enacting a catastrophic death tax…
And while many voted for him are devastated by his betrayal…

This isn’t the first time that Biden has ramrodded retirees with punishing taxes!

Biden has twice voted to raise taxes on Social Security!

America, you and I will pay for this debt, either through tax hikes, as part of his vow to raise $3.3 TRILLION in NEW taxes or by his taxing our retirement funds!

Utah debate: Mike Lee, Evan McMullen spar over Jan. 6 riot: ‘Egregious betrayal,’ ‘You owe me an apology’

Epic! A Salute To The Unvaccinated
'They suffered a measurable discrimination, denunciation, betrayal and humiliation, but they kept on going'

➤ Infowars -

We All Saw THIS Betrayal Coming, Why Didn’t Manchin?

More GOP Betrayal: Anti-Gun Activist Has Just Been Made Director of the ATF

Putin boasts of growing support for Russia worldwide and notes that the citizens of U.S. satellites are awakening to the betrayals of their ruling elites.

and we are surprised why?

BREAKING: GOP Senator CAUGHT Red Handed… Total Betrayal (Video)

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