16 Buddha Body Practice (In-Person Meditation Retreat)

The Buddha Body Practice retreat begins with a simple introduction to Buddhism, mindfulness and meditation practices by Lama Chime Rinpoche. After this short introduction, participants will do 2 days of formal Buddhist teachings followed by 2 days of meditations. The practices include sitting meditation, walking meditation and insight meditation with specific instructions for focus on the body, breath and mind in each session. Read More: https://www.clearskycenter...

Explore Leh Ladakh Tour Packages
There are a variety of Leh-Ladakh Tour packages available, regardless of your interests—adventure, calm, nature, or mountains. Leh-Ladakh has the ideal landscape for adventure seekers, and we have the ideal package for you. There are numerous tourist attractions in the town that you may visit if you wish to discover them with your family. The town, which is situated at a height of around 3505 meters above sea level, is the epicenter of Tibetan Buddhism.

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