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UN Sprays Chemtrails In Spain! - Government Admits To Bio Warfare To "Combat" Covid! [VIDEO]
"...blatant biowarfare against unsuspecting, non-consenting individuals."

NEWS & POLITICSCIA Chemtrail Insider Reveals The Real Reason They Put Barium In Chemtrails And Describes Complexity Of Chemtrail Program!! Extremely Sensitive Intel!!

The More You Know...
Geoengineering, aka; Chemtrails is the culprit for excessive Phlegm in your sinuses and chest.

It is also the source of many other illnesses that were not even in play 50 years ago, including Type 2 Diabetes.

I only recently discovered this information. I've had sinus problems since the late 1990's (when they started regular aerial spraying – Geoengineering or Chem-trailing). The medical doctors just gave me medicines that only helped temporarily but caused other problems with side effects. And after using them for a few days, they didn't work well anymore. I had t

Chemtrails Confirmed: “Graphene Skies”
Those are real and they are called “contrails” short for “condensation trails” and they are very short behind a plane and evaporate quickly.
Chemtrails are different.
They don’t go away quickly.
They grow and spread out over the entire sky over the course of an afternoon.
They’re often sprayed in X or cross-hatch patterns to get maximum coverage in the sky.
And…they contain heavy metals like aluminum, barium and now confirmed to have graphene.
All extremely toxic to humans.
Here’s the most insidious part: these evil “elites” are spraying these day


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