WEF wants to use AI to automate censorship of “disinformation”
According to an article published by WEF, there is an urgent need to utilize “human-curated, multi-language, off-platform intelligence into learning sets” so that AI can detect online abuse before it ever reaches mainstream platforms.
The Forum says this is necessary to stop the proliferation of everything from child abuse to extremism, disinformation, hate speech, and fraud.
“Supplementing this smarter automated detection with human expertise to review edge cases and identify false positives and negatives and then feeding those findings back into training sets will allow us to create AI with human intelligence baked in,” the WEF article reads. “This more intelligent AI gets more sophisticated with each moderation decision, eventually allowing near-perfect detection, at scale.”
The article continues, with the author stating that there is a lag between when new novel abuse tactics are created and when artificial intellig

New Orleans School District Will Require COVID Jabs for Students Aged Five and Up

The policy will ultimately bar thousands of children from attending in-person classes

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OF GRADUALLY CENSORSHIP OFF ALL INTERNET in another countries such Brazil who people are so ignorant and illiterate easy deceive and control by their "Politicians" including Bolsonaro and the result is that almost 70% taken many shots some even all 4 Shots of this poison but Americans don't give a Fuck about it!

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Ding-Dong! The Vaccine Mandates Are Dead! Required COVID Shots for School Children are NOT Happening

"Only about 3 percent of children under 5 had received a first dose by July 20."

"No state in the country [United States] is planning to require student vaccinations, a marked turnaround from where things seemed to be headed last winter..."

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America, this is 100% SICKENING! Yet these SOBs in this Congress approved it so far, going to Senate NOW!

In California, men are allowed to marry a “child bride” of any age. Frequently these men are many years older than the little girls. Some of these “marriages” are forced. Now, Congress wants to sell this sick child abuse on all other states. The so-called “Respect for Marriage Act” has already passed the House as HR 8404. If it passes the Senate (S 4556), every “state, territory, and possession of the United States” will be forced to accept and endorse the marriage of “minor attracted persons,” the new euphemism for pedophiles, to children.

This is America, NOT some Muslim or other foreign country!

Toyota Sponsors Lesson on ‘First Steps’ of Drag Artistry for Children https://www.infowars.com/p...

They’re now claiming that climate change is making kids fat.

Apparently, climate change is causing childhood obesity and not the fact that parents feed their kids shitty food and let them sit around staring at screens all day.

Worth noting also that Florida has some of the lowest childhood obesity rates in the US so this study is absolute nonsense, if that wasn’t already obvious. https://t.me/midwest_intel...

If you own a business, you may want to assess the level of infestation you have before they destroy your company. https://www.naturalnews.co...

Comic book creator who sexualizes children calls for Trump to be 'executed for treason on the White House lawn'
"Donald Trump being executed for treason on the White House lawn is the closure America needs to start the healing process," Larsen


MI Democrat wants children dead https://dailycaller.com/20...

Border Patrol nabs convicted rapist, child sex offenders coming across southern border https://www.foxnews.com/po...

Ask Not What Your Country Can Do For You
The balance of this statement was – “ask what you can do for your country.”
That was sixty-one years ago, and my how things have changed since. Today, democrat voters only ask, even demand, what our government (taxpayers) can do for them. They care not about anything else…Freedom, liberty, and justice for all, be damned. Everything is strictly about voting themselves favors from the government, all of it paid for by taxpayers, and they are obviously willing to even use extreme Nazi-style measures to accomplish the darkest of any heart’s desires.
This anti-American movement, totally at odds with President Kennedy’s call to the people in 1961, was rooted in the USA at least as far back as the early 1900s under the Wilson administration (D) and firmly advanced under FDR (D) between 1933 and 1945. The Marxist ideologies were then adopted by the 60’s peacenik crowd while they were high, and supplanted into their children, later raised by the gover

'May the dead children haunt you': Defiant Russian journalist in court
Marina Ovsyannikova was charged over a street protest last month, when she held up a banner calling Putin a killer,

[Read Full https://www.euronews.com/2...

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