Report: Church Of England May Drop Male Pronouns ‘He/Him’ And ‘Our Father’ To Describe GOD

I like JackPosobiec’s idea of putting Ballot Drop boxes in Churches everywhere it’s legal

But why stop there?

Let’s put them in every

Gun store
Bass Pro
Truck shop
Military base
VA facility
Trade school
Boat/fishing store

We need to beat the Dems at their own game

'Anti-religious bigotry': Nebraska Dem's amdt. would ban kids from vacation Bible schools, church youth groups

Russian Orthodox Church Issues “End of the World” Warning

It is time NOW to #restoreTheMilitia to stop this before it hits America!
Video: The Persecution Of The #Christian #Church Is Real - This Man Is Doing Something About It

Illinois governor slams sheriffs who vowed to defy gun ban, says law protects school kids, churchgoers

Biden repeats questionable claim he frequented Black church during civil rights movement

Church of England Establishes £100m Woke Fund to “Address Past Wrongs of Slavery” as Parishes Struggle

Daily Surge Monday ...
-- History, Human Experience, Modern Scholarship Confirm: Want a Better Life? Go to Church
-- In 2023 Nothing More Important Than THIS … Get It Right, Everything Else Will Get Right


-- History, Human Experience, Modern Scholarship Confirm: Want a Better Life? Go to Church

Redeemed Church of God | Religious Organization | Minnesota

RCCG JESUS EMBASSY PARISH ROCHESTER Minnesota is a dedicated church based Minnesota that is committed in leading our brothers and sister to the right path.


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