BREAKING: Jacob Chansley AKA "QAnon Shaman" has been freed from prison 14 months early after never-before-seen exculpatory Jan. 6 footage showing him being escorted into Senate by cops was shared with the public by Tucker Carlson.


Cops investigate Beal after fan spat over lost bet

700 NYPD Riot Cops Mobilized, Steel Barriers Deployed Ahead Of Potential Trump Arrest

NYPD Prepares to Mobilize 700 ‘Disorder Control’ Riot Cops Ahead of Trump’s Possible Arrest

Tucker Carlson shares new January 6 footage showing Capitol cops escorting ‘QAnon Shaman’ to Senate floor

Video: January 6th Was a Police Riot, Cops Admit to Attacking ‘Innocent’ Protestors

Eagles CB on crucial penalty: It was holding

Jamaal Bowman says Tyre Nichols 'killed by white supremacy' after fatal beating by Black cops

Police departments need more funding to hire and train better cops

Race War of the Left Blames White Supremacy for Violent Black Cops

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MUST SEE, READ & WATCH! #America , have you had enough of being abused yet? #restoreTheMilitia
#Christian Missionaries Attacked – #Cops Collude Against Them… In America (Video)

Tyre Nichols: Jim Jordan says 'no amount of training' could change what 5 Memphis cops did on video

Tyre Nichols beating by 5 Black cops reveals America's 'biased police culture,' Crump, ex-Ferguson chief say


When seconds count, cops are only minutes away.

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