📺 Media Matters HATES It When Steve Bannon and #AlexJones (King Kong & Godzilla) Get Together to Talk Corruption and THE GREAT RESET!


My fellow Americans, who is and who ISN’T working for us and the country! In 2 years, Biden has 100% destroyed everything Trump did for us and the country!
Whether you hate or like President Trump, he was protecting our country, lowered our taxes, gave us a great economy! Overall, Trump made us safer, and made our economy the best in the world!

Biden’s corruption and “voter fraud” pushed by the Socialists has put our country into 3rd world status! The corrupt DOJ/FBI refuses to allow evidence to be admitted, proving the massive “voter fraud” of the 2020 election! Biden’s policies have alienated citizens from the corrupt government and has put America in danger from our enemies!

It’s up to the American people to stop the Socialist corruption and vote 100% ALL GOP!

America, this should show/prove to ALL America, just how corrupt and one sided this ILLEGAL Biden government is and how Biden(Obama) are 100% destroying our nation, as our SOB, so-called representatives sit and watch as America is being torn apart and making China. the world leader, NOT America!

“Lots of Indictments of Trump, ‘Not a One’ on Hunter Biden!”

Megyn Kelly, made the above comment and how TRUE it really is! Biden, as the VP of anti-American Obama, on world-wide TV black-mailed the Ukraine government to stop investigating his son or they wouldn’t get the billion dollar loan they were promised!

The Biden family is riddled with corruption and this DOJ and FBI, all Biden appointees, are allowing this lawlessness to continue! Time to remove corruption from D.C.

Daily Surge Thursday ...
-- More Child Corruption: ‘Banned Books Week’ Protects Low Quality Trash
-- As Season Continues Taking Shape: Pigskin Pundit’s Picks, NFL Week 3
-- Not Complicated Distinction: Christian Influence in Society? Yes. A Theocracy? No.


-- More Child Corruption: ‘Banned Books Week’ Protects Low Quality Trash

New Congress Will Root-Out FBI Corruption!!!, 3925

Brian D. Hill calls into Pete Santilli show on 9/19/2022 to speak of the child porn set up campaign by Govt, judicial corruption – Justice for Brian D. Hill of USWGO Alternative News


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aaaannnnddddd another dem is implicated in corruption. i know. say it ain't so.

FBI Responds to Whistleblower Saying Child Abuse Cases Being Dropped in Favor of Jan. 6

FBI said that “the FBI is charged with protecting the American people from a wide variety of threats, from terrorism, cyber threats, and violent crime to public corruption, hate crimes, and crimes against children.”
“Our commitment to one does not come at the expense of another,”


Exclusive— Former CIA Station Chief: Intelligence Agencies Cannot 'Be Reformed' Unless POTUS Can 'Fire Every Federal Employee'....
Former CIA station chief Scott Uehlinger said intelligence agencies cannot be cleansed of political corruption without massive....


In response Twisted Eagle to his Mumbl

Oh so well stated. Despite the lame steam democrat propaganda machine, they people are seeing through the corruption

In response Richard Meyerowich to his Mumbl

SAD that noting will come of all the corruption in the federal government, no longer the peoples government.

DURHAM UPDATE! More FBI Corruption

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