Sen. Murphy Calls For Defunding Law Enforcement Who Refuse to Enforce Gun Laws

One of country's most liberal cities takes moderate turn after election, pushes back on 'Defund the Police'

Sens. Marshall, Hagerty demand info on DHS program overseen by group that backs defunding ICE

Gisele Fetterman campaigns with activists who support defunding police, promoted Louisville Bail Fund

Fetterman, Obama stump for candidate who previously supported plans to 'abolish' ICE and 'Defund the police'

Fetterman [D-PA] touts anti-police celebrity endorsements

Ellison denies knowing anyone who supports defunding police despite own support for replacing police force

America, here is why it’s imperative that we ALL vote straight Republican, or give up our freedom and rights to these SOCIALIST scumbags forever! They give us NOTHING but PURE LIES!

Democrats PUNISH you for speaking the TRUTH and they REWARD themselves for telling LIES. 

They claim that the border is secure. 

They claim they never defunded the police.

They call a corrupt payout to their campaign mega-donors the “Inflation Reduction Act” when everyone knows that it’s made inflation 10x worse for everyday Americans.

And they have the GALL to accuse Conservatives like YOU of spreading “disinformation?!”

Portland police union boss slams Oregon gov candidate's claim about defund police stance: 'Simply not true'

Nonprofit that backs defunding ICE to oversee DHS pilot program aiding illegal immigrants

Oregon governor debate: Drazan hits Kotek as 'original defund the police candidate'

How much worse does it have to get?

In response GA Log Cabin GOP to his Mumbl

She wanted to Defund the Police, let her pay for her own protection. Or, she could step down from her position and let an American have that seat.

Anti-cop Seattle, WA socialist wants police protection https://thepostmillennial....

Cori Bush nears $500,000 in campaign cash to private security despite repeated calls to defund police

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