NYC Democratic DA's case against Trump falling apart

New York Democrats to ban gas stoves

Former Democrat Sinema [AZ] criticizes Democrats

Wife of Connecticut Democrat involved in COVID fraud scheme gets 6 months

GOP Rep. Tom Tiffany asks ATF if lying on a federal background check is illegal, Democrat hack panics and interrupts
ATF: Yes 15 years in prison if you do that
Rep. Tiffany: So why hasn’t Hunter Biden been prosecuted for the crime he committed?
*Democrat interrupts*
Rep. Tom Tiffany: I understand why you don’t want him to answer the question, it’s because there’s a dual system of Justice in America, that’s what’s going on!

NYC Democratic DA ignores murders of gays

'Old dudes are eating Jell-O': Sinema tells GOP why she stopped attending 'dumb' Democrat luncheons

Combat veteran mulling Montana GOP Senate bid criticizes Democratic Sen. Tester’s 'farting around' comment

Democrat blocks GOP bill to end Biden's vaccine requirement for non-US travelers

Trump Indictment Is ‘Anti-Democratic’ Move to Stop Reelection Bid: Mexican President

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Sens. Rick Scott, Elizabeth Warren propose to replace the Fed’s internal watchdog

Cruz to introduce constitutional amendment to prevent Democrats from packing Supreme Court

Republicans will use hearing to assert Dems' 'culture war' policies hampering military recruitment

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