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We will be opening up sign up for the site once again, however, it will require a code sent via email. We will still be filtering out bots by checking accounts and mumbls which are being posted. Please also help us by reporting accounts that are displaying spam behaviors.
1 month ago
Fire Bee Techno Services is a Top-notch Cryptocurrency Token development company in India. We provide result-oriented cryptocurrency erc20 Token development services to develop and deliver secure crypto Token. Try out our crypto token development services that we offer and make your own way for entering into the future of Crypto. Our well trained team offers end to end services, from conceptualization to marketing strategies.

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Tessa Alisa
2 months ago
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Logan Paul
3 months ago
Introducing the CoinTool App Clone Script!

Ready to revolutionize the world of digital assets?

Our CoinTool App Clone Script empowers you to build your own BEP20 and ERC20 token generator platform, just like CoinTool!

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adam Rob
4 months ago
BEP20 and ERC20 are both token standards used to create and deploy tokens on the blockchain. There are some variances between them, despite their similarities. The BEP20 token standard is part of Binance Smart Chain, which was created by Binance. The ERC20 token standard is associated with the Ethereum blockchain, which is the most extensively used network.

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Melinda Richards
6 months ago
Many #startups are preferring to #createERC20tokens for their business. However, they should be aware of the basic concepts of ERC20 tokens and the #EthereumBlockchain . Know more @ https://bit.ly/3ApRmlE
steven oz0
8 months ago
EVM stands for Ethereum Virtual Machine, and there are over 600+ Known EVM chains including
ETH, BNB, MATIC, FTM, and many more.
These networks support smart contracts like ERC20, ERC721, and ERC1155. Here ERC stands for
Ethereum Request for Comment. These standards have especially ERC20 been dominant & helpful
in Creating Tokens in Cryptocurrency networks. Tokens have been quite popular in There have been
an increasing number of tokens in multiples of thousands.
ICOs stands for Initial Coin Offering or IEO ie Initial Exchange Offerings have used tokens in their
ECO system.
Most exchanges nowadays support EVM Wallet and their tokens. To support tokens Developer use
Either GETH [ Go Ethereum Client], Or use Hdwallet+ [Moralis or Other Public APIs]
Known Issues with Geth.
Alexandra Taylor
10 months ago
CryptoApe provides you the best crypto token development services to create crypto tokens on any blockchain like ethereum, TRON, Binance under any token standards like ERC20, TRC20, BEP20, and more.

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11 months ago
Launch your Token from an extended ERC20 token with the BEP20 token development services that run on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). Initiate your crypto token with low gas fees and elevated transaction speeds with our BEP20 token development services. We, the clarisco solution, allow you to customize your BEP20 token as per your business requirement at any stage of development.

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Samantha Prabhu
1 yr. ago
Nodalsoft Technologies is a leading #ERC20 #tokendevelopment company that offers end-to-end #erc20token development services that helps #Fintech #entrepreneurs to launch their own #ERC20 #token on the #ethereum #blockchain network based on your #business requirements. Hire our #tokendevelopers to deploy our ERC20 within 48 hours.

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Samantha Prabhu
1 yr. ago
Nodalsoft Technologies is a top #tokendevelopmentcompany that offers various #crypto #tokendevelopment services on #ethereum token development (#ERC20, #ERC741 , #ERC777 , #ERC140 , #Tron token development (#TRC10, #TRC20 , #TRC721 ), #binancesmartchain (#BEP20), #NFT Token development. Our team of experts helps you to develop your own #token on various #blockchain networks such as #ethereum , #Tron , #bsc , and more. We have delivered more than 100+ projects for #enterprises , #startups , and SMBs. Reach out to us to launch your own crypto token and yield a high ROI.

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didaa agnew
1 yr. ago
Are you interested in developing Ethereum Token? But stuck with how to create an ERC20 Token?
No worries! We Maticz, pioneer Token Development Company offers the token development in various blockchain networks.

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