#USA Government Started Massive #Wildfire That Burned 432 Homes – Now Feds Are Forcing Victims To Pay For It - #FJB - https://thefreethoughtproj...

Photo of the Day: Whoever made this, created a Masterpiece! Antichrist Joe Biden!
#Antichrist #JoeBiden ! - #AdolfHitler #JosephStalin #FJB

An Appeal to Heaven

Getting a Rona and flu test in the morning so I can return to work. FML and FJB.

Hope they're negative so I can reassure teachers on the field trip I drove Friday before I felt unwell that they aren't going to die.

Now that #FreeSpeech has made a comeback on twitter, #liberalsSUCK !
Thank you,
elonmusk! You ROCK, buddy!

Nothing is BUILT, Nothing is BACK, Nothing is BETTER!

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