So the Left, Globalists, etc. wants you to get an #ElectricCar
1) If the #battery is charged, set for 400 miles, then you turn on the Air Conditioning, lower the windows, turn lights, the radio on, etc. You suddenly only get 150 miles per “tank”!

2) What if all the #Florida residents who evacuated had Electric Cars; sitting in traffic, or flooded out? You woke lefties tell me how you are going to get to their cars and fill it up with battery power?

3) Do you have the untold 1000’s of dollars to replace that battery if it goes? You have warranties on it? Or is it you really want Americans not to go anywhere or use mass transit? I bet you use plenty of fossil fuels you hypocrite!

We Are Small, But We Matter to God

As a devastating hurricane strikes Florida, I am reminded of how very small we humans are, despite our boasting and our pride. Let’s put aside…

Florida Officials Institute Curfew amid Looting in Aftermath of Hurricane Ian

TUCKER: Even as bodies are still being identified in Florida, The View mocked the state of Florida for daring to request disaster relief from the federal government

Florida Democrat illegally omitted stock holdings

VIDEO: The View Claims Governor DeSantis Behind Hurricane Ian's Destruction in Florida

DeSantis: Florida's Hurricane Ian recovery will be '24/7 operation'

Biden warns Hurricane Ian could be 'deadliest' storm in Florida history

Florida Gov. DeSantis speaks with Biden about Hurricane Ian

Biden suggests Americans aren't proud of their country at fundraiser while Hurricane Ian pummels Florida

Ian Makes Landfall As “Catastrophic” Category 4 Hurricane On Southwest Florida

Oh great. Just what we needed.

Mosaic Co. produces 50% of the North American phosphate supply for fertilizer. Most of its operations are right in the path of Hurricane Ian.

They also supply 12% of the GLOBAL supply of phosphate fertilizer.

Can you say, "FAMINE in 2023?"

Why are all the black swans appearing at the same time?


National Guard Troops From Multiple States Activated, Some Headed to Florida in Response to Hurricane Ian

READ: https://1.breakingheadline...

Biden snubs Florida's GOP lawmakers as Hurricane Ian approaches

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