Man of the Year’ #RichardLevine aka #FredFlintstone in #drag Pushed for Increased Big Tech Censorship – this man did nothing to stop the Nursing Home Abusers who almost killed me in 2018! YES I SAID IT, HE IS A MALE! TAKE YOUR #LQBTQP and send it to the Lake of Fire! https://www.newsbusters.or...

this is 1 of many reasons I kept appealing for donations, to cover legal costs to keep Radio America USA going and especially those who abused & almost killed me @ Valley Manor #NursingHome in #Pennsylvania in 2018 even though all of them are no longer employed but the #Kharzarian Gangsters still own it, they all including #JoshShapiro who is Attorney General running for Pennsylvania #Governor who refused to prosecute them including his fake #Jew /Kharzarian buddies, the Big Bad Wolf & #FredFlintstone in Drag (Richard Levine) - they could try to follow like this Alex Jones stuff to silence me since they all know (even Donald Trumps HHS Secretary who did nothing) I now will not nor never will answer any cease & desist to stop talking about the crimes on me! IF Alex Jones loses this, I have to consider whether to stay on or not! Please think of this, Alex loses, like him or not, #FreeSpeech could be over!

#FredFlintstone in Drag (#RichardLevine who overseen Nursing Homes in #Pennsylvania in 2018 would not prosecute those who abused me at Valley Manor Nursing Home in Pennsylvania) Says #JoeBiden White House Will “Empower” Children to Get Puberty Blockers, Sex Change Surgery

#Transgender (no such thing!) #Admiral ; #FredFlintstone in Drag Announces Plan To Sexualize All American Children - Reminder, this Spawn of Satan had the authority in 2018 in #Pennsylvania to arrest & stop those who abused ME at the House of Satan Nursing Home in Pennsylvania; Real Justice under the Law needs to be brought to this freak! - #DemandCapitalPunishment - #GodDamnPennsylvania - #GodDamnAmerica -

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