Bill Gates secured hundreds of millions in profits from mRNA stock sales before suddenly changing tune on vaccine technology

Once an mRNA evangelist, Gates now dismisses the technology as inferior, after banking a 15x return on investment.

Watch: Bill Gates Squirms as Interviewer Presses Him on Jeffrey Epstein Connection


#BillGates Grilled on #JeffreyEpstein Admits, ‘I Shouldn’t Have Had Dinners with Him’

#BillGates Secured Hundreds Of Millions In Profits From #mRNA Stock Sales Before Suddenly Changing Tune On #Vaccine Technology
Once an mRNA evangelist, Gates now dismisses the technology as inferior, after banking a 15x return on investment. https://dossier.substack.c...

Video: Bill Gates Again Acts Weird When Asked Directly About Relationship With Jeffrey Epstein

Brooklyn District Attorney Investigates Allegations of Democrat Voter Fraud

READ: https://1.breakingheadline...

Another Awkward Interview – Bill Gates Grilled on Epstein Admits, ‘I Shouldn’t Have Had Dinners with Him’

Oof! So many fell for it hook, line and sinker.


Bill Gates Flies Around Australia on $70 Million Dollar Private Jet Lecturing People About Climate Change

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How Bill Gates singlehandedly rules the entire world…


Daily Surge Saturday ...
-- One Responsible State: Florida Investigates Obscene ‘Drag Queen Christmas’ for Kids
-- Pretenders vs. Contenders: Pigskin Pundit Calls NFL Wildcard Week


F.Y.I. RESIST WEF & DAVOS GANG! 84-year-old Klaus Schwab is increasingly obsessed with the idea that genetic manipulation and the merger of humans and technology will soon allow the super-rich to live forever! But the founding figurehead of the World Economic Forum is not alone in his hope that ‘science’ can save him from dying.
Other global elite figures, including Jeff Bezos, 58, Israeli entrepreneur Yuri Milner, and Google co-founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin are pouring money into ventures meant to make deaths before 100 a thing of the past.
Other, older funders include Gates, 67, Richard Branson, 67, and Former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, 80, who have all provided prominent financial backup to companies investigating how to lengthen lives in recent years
Aging Elite and the Age of Reptiles https://www.britishfreedom...

Bill Gates Hosts Another Reddit AMA, Gets Roasted For Epstein Ties Again

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#BillGates Continued Attack On #food Supply: Genetic Modification Of #Farm #Animals https://thewashingtonstand...

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