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Challenger to 'reckless' Keith Ellison says far-left attorney general an 'absolute disgrace' on handling crime

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Flashback: Newly Elected UK PM Liz Truss Slammed The ‘Disgraceful’ Monarchy

Flashback: Newly Elected UK PM Liz Truss Slammed The ‘Disgraceful’ Monarchy

Clip Emerges of Liz Truss Calling Monarchy ‘Disgraceful’ Before Meeting With Queen
The unearthed video went viral on the same day Truss met with Queen Elizabeth II to be appointed Britain’s new prime minister.

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Daily Surge Monday ...
-- Moving in the Right Direction: Make ‘1984’ Fiction Again
-- Challenge: How to Influence, Thrive as Dominant Majority in Culture that Denies Truth
-- Upside Down: Biden-as-Mussolini Paints Basic Patriotism as a Fascist Threat to America
-- It’s Disgraceful: Major Drug Chains Continuing to Obstruct Non-Prescription Ivermectin


-- It’s Disgraceful: Major Drug Chains Continuing to Obstruct Non-Prescription Ivermectin

Biden Speech Did Not Go Far Enough, Said Disgraced Former FBI Agent Andrew McCabe

😡😡😡Congratulations #America you should why I say #AmericaUnderJudgement #AmericaInApostasy - Instead of donating to the over 25 #socialmedia Platforms I am on to keep #FreeSpeech going, NO THEY ARE NOT MAKING ANY MONEY, I KNOW THAT I KNOW THE COSTS OF SOCIAL MEDIA! Nor offer to help disabled handicapped people like ME (all I ask is crumbs to keep my websites going), nor help those in need, you chose to obey #Satan #Lucifer #Beelzebub by giving to #SonlifeBroadcasting again, to #JimmySwaggart #DonnieSwaggart #GabrielSwaggart so he can get his Post Hole/Piled High & Deep Degree, their henchmen, Loren Frank Larson, Joseph P. Larson, Grace Anna Larson Brumley, the Rosenstern Brothers, etc. I wake up every morning at 2AM suffering in pain from Nursing Abuse in 2018 & I pray daily & literally CRY OUT for ALMIGHTY GOD TO JUDGE AMERICA! You like America now guys with all the floods, fires, etc. etc.???? 😡

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