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MLB The Show cover to feature Marlins' Chisholm

Jan, 16 of 2023 - These "Journalists" like Alfredo Bessow are ADORING this DISGRACE that are happening with Brazilian People became he is like FAKE RIGHT WING RINO of Allan Dos Santos that live like a PARASITE that needs that the problems become more bigger and bigger and that Brazilian People NEVER BE FREED AND SAVED FROM THIS INHUMANE ENSLAVER,TERRORIST, CRIMINAL,GENOCIDE & FEUDALIST COMMUNIST-NAZI-FASCIST TOTALITARIAN DICTATORSHIP TO KEEPING STOLEN BIG MONEY FROM MAJORITY OF BRAZILIAN PEOPLE.

January, 21 of 2023 - These serie of DISGRACES that are happened in Brazil now are the sad results of a Society with sick mind so molded by Communist-Nazi-Fascists their own Evil image since 1985 that are so LEFTIST, EXTREME Materialist focused only in material things, social welfare, who can get more money even make crimes to become RICH,

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Daily Surge Monday ...
-- Divine Chain of Events: Newton, ‘Amazing Grace’, Wilberforce, Abolition of Slavery
-- Earthquake! Crusade for Wickedness Requires Radical Response from Righteous

dailysurge. com

-- Divine Chain of Events: Newton, ‘Amazing Grace’, Wilberforce, Abolition of Slavery

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George Santos refuses to resign after Nassau County GOP calls on disgraced congressman to step down

Modern Antique Gold Loop Wall Hanging Lamp Fixture

Glam up your space with this elegant ball-shaped light perched gracefully in a loop in wall mounted wall sconce. Experience the smooth polished finish of this sleek wall light in antique gold finish with opal glass shade.

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Medical College Orientation Day – 2022-23 Batch MBBS Students
The Orientation Program for the new MBBS students (2022-2023 batch) of RajaRajeswari Medical College was held on 14th Nov 2022 with an overwhelming participation from the students, their parents, dignitaries, and faculty members, who all graced the occasion with their enthused presence.

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