US conservatives cheer Hungarian PM Viktor Orban at conference "called ethnic homogeneity the key to economic growth"

US Republicans view Orban’s Hungary as a conservative, anti-woke paradise.

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Hungary Sees 15% Birth Rate Decline in Most Heavily Vaxed Counties
Hungary has been trying to boost its own birth rate for years under Prime Minister Viktor Orban. His “radical” idea and the reasoning behind it were simple: If our own people start having more babies, we won’t have to import hordes of Third World savages to replace our own population. It’s an idea that has been working well since the pro-family reforms were implemented (tax cuts for having babies, etc.) But then COVID happened. And like a lot of other countries, Hungary’s government went vaccine crazy, and imposed shot mandates. A year and a half later, they’re finding out that maybe this wasn’t such a great thing for their country’s birth rate.
Countries around the globe have seen their birth rates plummet if they utilized the mRNA vaccines from Pfizer and Moderna. This isn’t speculation. Taiwan’s birth rate was down 23% in May, and about 26% in June. Sweden’s rate has gradually declined by 10% this year. Germany, th

Hungary Warns Ukraine Conflict Creating Shift in World Order

Time to seek for truth of story
BREAKING: Zelensky fires Ukraine's ambassadors to Germany, India, Czech Republic, Norway and Hungary, per Reuters
I'm still digging on this one myself
But do know Zelensky is DEEP STATE PURE EVIL

Deadly Shootout Between Migrant Gangs at Serbia-Hungary Border Leaves Locals Terrified

Did the People of Hungary Reelect a Pro-Putin Hyper-Nationalist?

Daily Surge
Steve Pauwels/Managing Editor

-- Jackson High Court Nomination Shows White House Controlled by Sexual Revolution

“With the Biden administration, the Sexual Revolution is advancing on every front. Our military is less interested in winning wars than integrating ‘transgendered’ troops. The State Department has threatened to deny visas to nations that refuse to legalize abortion on demand or to legislate the LGBTQ agenda.”

-- Hungary’s Re-e

-- Hungary’s Re-elected Victor Orban: Not Man Leftists Have Painted Him to Be

BREAKING – PM Orban hinted for the first time that Hungary may leave EU. The 'democratic' push by the latter, according to him, has become anti-democratic and detrimental to Hungarian national interests...
If Orban announces to leave the EU, he will invite Russian troops in Hungary after Ukraine is attacked. Then the Russian troops are at the border to Central Europe!

BOOOM – ⚠️🇺🇦NATO is considering placing combat-ready battle groups — like the ones currently operating in Poland and the Baltics — in Romania, Bulgaria, Slovakia and Hungary, if Russia invades Ukraine, provided the host countries will accept them.

Note: one false step by Russia & a full scale escalation is inevitable...

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