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We will be opening up sign up for the site once again, however, it will require a code sent via email. We will still be filtering out bots by checking accounts and mumbls which are being posted. Please also help us by reporting accounts that are displaying spam behaviors.
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4 days ago
? Most Important Video On The Internet? Dr. David E. Martin Calls For Total Destruction Of The World Health Organization (WHO) For Crimes Against Humanity & Bio-Terrorism (9/13/23 Speech):

bravely exposes the criminal cartel WHO: Plan it, Fund it, Create it, Deploy & Profit from it.

“Until we treat this as a criminal conspiracy, of criminal racketeers, resulting in global terrorism for the purpose of profiteering and murder; until we have that conversation, we’re having the wrong conversation.”

He also exposes COVID as bio-weapon as part of his presentation.

It is a longer clip, so consider playing it on 1.25X speed or bookmarking it for later if you’re short on time.

This is Dr David Martin's Speech.

Please share.


Twisted Eagle
11 days ago
U.S. billionaire Elon Musk has agreed to sell a portion of Starlink assets to the U.S. Department of Defense, removing himself from decision-making regarding geofencing Ukraine’s access to the satellite internet service.
Twisted Eagle
20 days ago
This past week has had some interesting issues with internet being out or spotty, debit/credit card transactions being offline, spotty service... more than usual.

Almost we're being prepped for a failure.....

But hey, we have to go to cashless digital currency. That way when the grid goes down, we're all equally ****** .
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27 days ago
Global Innovation News
I-invest on line is supplying their clients with the state-of-the-art and up to date international innovation news. This helps all the clients in getting the up to date innovation information and no longer faux or indistinct news. Information given on our internet site is absolutely authenticated and official.
Stephen Grey
27 days ago
Navigating Mobile Insurance Industry Landscape

The smartphone industry has taken a swift uptake in recent years. Coupled with Internet services globally demand for smartphones has increased. To remain competitive in the market, companies are offering smartphones with many integrated features. These astonishing features and aesthetics increase the cost of smartphones. As a result, people prefer buying mobile phone insurance. Mobile phone insurance shields smartphones against damage or in case of lost or stolen.

Some companies offer additional coverage for screen damage, locks, and damage caused by water. This industry is expected to grow lucratively as more people choose to use smartphones. The increased purchasing power of consumers is also driving their purchase of costly mobiles. The surge in E-wallet transactions is driving the need for the security of mobile devices. Mechanical and electric damage is also being covered by mobile insurance companies.

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you must follow this Style
1st Style is the art of self-expression through clothing, accessories, and attitude, creating a unique and captivating visual identity.
2nd Creation of functional and aesthetic solutions using innovative concepts and aesthetics.
3rd Ensembles and coordinated clothing sets available for purchase via internet.
4th Fashionable items complementing outfits, enhancing appearance and personal style.

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Market Dynamics and Drivers Shaping the Video Conferencing Market

The video conferencing market has experienced explosive growth in recent years, driven by a confluence of technological advancements and shifting work dynamics. The widespread adoption of high-speed internet, the proliferation of smartphones and other mobile devices, and the need for remote collaboration tools have propelled the video conferencing market to new heights. This market includes a range of solutions, from simple one-on-one video calls to complex virtual meeting platforms catering to large enterprises.

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The Importance of a Stunning Website for Small Businesses in Sydney

Today’s digital world, in which technology and the Internet play an ever-increasing role in our daily lives and work environments, makes it somewhat surprising that so few small business owners have established an online presence despite spending an average of six hours online each day — only 46% have done so for themselves.

Visit - @henrymartin00036 /the-importance-of-a-stunning-website-for-small-businesses-in-sydney-b605689ebe16" target="_blank" class="inline-link">https://medium.com/henrym...
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1 month ago
Harry Two
1 month ago
August 24, 2023 #breakingnews #NewYorkPost realDonaldTrump warroom
Internet not buying Trump’s booking weight in Georgia election case: ‘Insane lie’ https://nypost.com/2023/08... via nypost
1 month ago
Sex Crime Lawyer are a class of criminal offenses that include unlawful or compelled sexual acts against another person. Every state and the federal government prohibits sexual offenses. You need a sexual crimes lawyer on your side if you are charged with a sex crime defense attorney near me. Sex Crime Defense Lawyers are criminal activities that have an attorney for component or motivation. These typically involve sexual assaults or are otherwise sexually motivated. Most Sex Crime Attorney are prosecuted and adjudicated at the state level. If the offense extends across state lines, utilizes the internet, or otherwise violates federal law, the federal government becomes involved.

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1 month ago
Navigating Connectivity: Finding the Best Leased Line Price for Your Business

Discover the most cost-effective solutions for your business's connectivity needs with the best leased line price. Enhance your internet performance and reliability while optimizing your budget.
1 month ago
Download Facebook Videos Effortlessly: Your Ultimate Video Downloader Tool!

Unleash the power of our Facebook Video Downloader – the ultimate tool for converting and saving Facebook videos. Effortlessly download and keep your cherished videos for offline viewing. Whether it's heartwarming memories or inspiring moments, our converter ensures you can access and enjoy them anytime, anywhere, without relying on an internet connection.

1 month ago
Trump Breaks Internet With STUNNING Ad In Response To Indictment | Chills

Alex Jones
1 month ago
Videos: Musk’s Starlink Brings Internet To Lahaina Locals, Volunteer Army Provides Supplies For Community https://www.infowars.com/p...
Aspire Media
2 months ago
The Importance of Local SEO for Irish Businesses

In Ireland's fast-changing digital landscape, local businesses recognize the importance of Local SEO strategies. With consumers relying on the internet for services, standing out in local search results is vital. Mastering Local SEO Irish is now a necessity for attracting nearby customers. By tailoring online presence to Irish preferences, businesses can gain a strong local foothold and a competitive edge.

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Bakul Pecels
2 months ago
Penjelasan ini akan menerangkan tentang cara bon pulsa Telkomsel. Mungkin saat ini kebanyakan pakai data internet dibandingkan pulsa biasa untuk telepon dan kirim pesan. Padahal dalam kondisi darurat seperti saat kuota internet habis, memerlukan pulsa agar tetap bisa komunikasi. 
Twisted Eagle
2 months ago
JUST IN - China's internet giants order $5 billion of high-performance Nvidia chips to power artificial intelligence systems.

Patrick McCaffery
2 months ago
2 months ago
Satta king | Sattaking | Satta result | Satta king online Satta king live | Satta king result
https://sattaking01.in/ Satta king is a popular game that is played on daily basis.A lot of #SattaKing bet on the different games in the satta king. The results of these games are posted online. The company that runs these games usually fixes the timing of the results so that you https://sattaking4u.in/ don't have to wait for hours to get the result. But, if you want to get the result faster, you can find a website https://sattaking01.in/ on the internet that will give you the result at once.
2 months ago
Conformal Coatings Market Upcoming Growth, Key Player Analysis and Forecast 2032

The size of global Conformal Coatings Market was recorded at USD 12.34 Billion in 2022 and is projected to grow at a CAGR of 6.2% during the forecast period, reaching USD 21.21 Billion by 2032. The market growth is attributed to the increasing trend of Internet of Things (IoT) devices and the growing demand for electronic gadgets. Conformal coatings are extensively used across various industries, including automotive, electronics, aerospace and defense, and medical devices, to protect sensitive components from environmental factors such as moisture, dust, chemicals, and temperature changes.

Conformal coatings find significant applications in the automotive industry for circuit boards, sensors, and electronic control modules. The rise in the production of Electric Vehicles (EVs) and Hybrid Electric Vehicles (HEVs) is driving the demand for conformal coatings in the automotive industry. Additionally,
2 months ago
Unleashing the Power of Google Ads for Tradies: A Blueprint for Success

In today's digital age, the online marketplace has become the battleground for businesses, including tradies (tradespeople). As more consumers turn to the internet to find local services, it has become essential for tradies to establish a strong online presence. Google Ads, a powerful online advertising platform, offers an effective way for tradies to reach their target audience and grow their businesses. In this blog, we will explore the potential of Google Ads for tradies, providing a blueprint for success to maximize visibility, generate leads, and increase business growth.

2 months ago
According to the latest report from Reports and Data, the global size for sandals market reached USD 82.61 Billion in 2021. Over the forecast period, it is anticipated to exhibit a revenue compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 4.6%. The driving forces behind this market growth include the rising disposable income of consumers and their growing preference for branded sandals.

Consumer preferences have been influenced by rapid urbanization and increased disposable income, resulting in a shift towards branded sandals. Furthermore, brands have found success in advertising their products on various social media and internet platforms, leading to a higher adoption of branded sandals. Companies and industries are leveraging social media marketing to inform their target customers about their product offerings, thereby creating an increased demand for sandals. This demand is attributed to consumers' recognition of branding, enhanced credibility, and the convenience of online purchases. Addit
2 months ago
Satta king | Sattaking | Satta result | Satta king online Satta king live | Satta king result
https://sattaking01.in/ Satta king is a popular game that is played on daily basis.A lot of #SattaKing bet on the different games in the satta king. The results of these games are posted online. The company that runs these games usually fixes the timing of the results so that you https://sattaking01.in/ don't have to wait for hours to get the result. But, if you want to get the result faster, you can find a website https://sattaking01.in/ on the internet that will give you the result at once.
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2 months ago
Silagra-100mg medicine in Sweden

In Sweden, erectile dysfunction (ED) is commonly treated with the drug Silagra-100mg. Sildenafil citrate, a strong active component that belongs to the group of phosphodiesterase type 5 (PDE5) inhibitors, is present in it.

Silagra-100mg is accessible in Swedish pharmacies and internet pharmacies with a prescription. To confirm safety and suitability for individual health circumstances, consult a healthcare practitioner before starting this drug. To avoid negative effects, always follow the dosage and usage recommendations.
Gwen Jasmine
2 months ago
Unity Game Development Company - Kryptobees

Kryptobees is a Unity game development company that transforms concepts into industry-leading products accessible to global users. Our certified Unity game developers bring creative gaming concepts to life and give novel gaming solutions with highly customized graphics for mobile, PC, internet, consoles, and AR/VR devices.

In case you have any questions related to Unity 3D Game Development. Please contact the top game developers here,

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Whatsapp: +91 9384232288
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Pintas Italy
2 months ago
Servizi di Assistenza Informatica Telefonica: Risolvi i tuoi problemi con Pintas!

Hai bisogno di assistenza informatica telefonica per risolvere i tuoi problemi tecnici? Pintas è qui per aiutarti! Offriamo servizi professionali di assistenza informatica telefonica per risolvere le tue sfide digitali. Che tu abbia bisogno di supporto per risolvere problemi di connessione Internet, configurare e-mail, rimuovere virus o risolvere errori software, il nostro team esperto di tecnici informatici è pronto ad assisterti. Semplicemente chiama il nostro numero e sarai collegato a uno dei nostri tecnici qualificati che forniranno consulenza e assistenza diretta tramite telefono. Risparmia tempo e fatica, contatta Pintas per l'assistenza informatica telefonica di cui hai bisogno per superare le sfide digitali e continuare a goderti l'uso del tuo dispositivo senza intoppi.

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2 months ago
Internet of Robotics Things Market Overview by Advance Technology, Future Outlook 2029

The Global Internet of Robotics Things Market 2023 Research Report is a professional and in-depth study on the current state of Internet of Robotics Things Market.
The report provides a basic overview of the industry including definitions and classifications. The Internet of Robotics Things analysis is provided for the international markets including development trends, competitive landscape analysis, and key regions development status.
The report discusses the various types of solutions for Internet of Robotics Things Market. While the regions considered in the scope of the report include North America, Europe, and various others. The study also emphasizes on how rising Internet of Robotics Things threats is changing the market scenario.
The key manufacturers covered in this report are:
• ABB Ltd.
• Kuka AG.
• Irobot Corporation
• Fanuc Corporation
• Amazon.com Inc.
• Google lnc
• Cisc
2 months ago
Discover the Top VoIP Providers for Business - Enhance Communication and Boost Productivity.
Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) has emerged as a game-changing technology, offering cost-effective and feature-rich communication services for businesses of all sizes. Coperato's VoIP service is a top choice for businesses seeking a comprehensive and scalable communication solution.
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2 months ago

Transform iPad as Digital Signage with Auro24 Apple MDM

The growing popularity of iPad digital signage can be attributed to its versatility. With their high-speed internet connectivity, intuitive touchscreen interface, rich multimedia capabilities, high brand value, and business-oriented apps, iPads are more than just another tablet. As companies seek new ways to engage customers and improve their digital presence, iPad digital signage is quickly replacing its traditional counterparts in the marketing and advertising arsenal.

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