Treasury Sanctions Board of Directors of Iranian UAV Manufacturer

"Today, the U.S. Department of the Treasury's Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) is designating eight senior executives of Paravar Pars Company (Paravar Pars), an Iran-based firm that was previously sanctioned by the United States and European Union for manufacturing Shahed-series unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) for Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps Aerospace Force (IRGC ASF)." ...

Iran Dismisses IAEA Report on Undeclared Changes at Nuclear Site

Iran's atomic energy organization on Wednesday dismissed a report by the United Nations nuclear watchdog that said Iran had made an undeclared change to uranium enriching equipment at its Fordow plant. ...

??⚡️- Iran has officially blamed Kurdish separatists for the Isfahan attack.

Chairman of the Chiefs of Staff of Iranian Armed Forces has called for expansion of ties with North Korea to confront any move that disrupts global security.

Major General Mohammad Bagheri made comments Tuesday in message to congratulate the appointment of General Pak Su-il as the new head of the General Staff Department of North Korean Army.

He also wished success for the two countries in achieving their objectives.

*This message is more like a warning to the Prime Minister of South Korea.*

Iran military deploys warships

Iranian on terror watch list caught on southern border

Iranian illegal immigrant on terror watch list caught near southern border: sources

Bipartisan Resolution Backing Iranian Protesters Passes Congress in Overwhelming Vote

READ: https://1.breakingheadline...

Facing Drone Strikes, Iran Warns Any U.S. Military Action Means War
"In Iran's perspective, the use of the military option at any level means U.S. entry into the war," Iran's Permanent Mission to the United Nations told Newsweek.
Mission also stated that "if the U.S. miscalculates and starts a war," that the "consequences for the region and the world" of such conflict would be "up to" Washington.

Azerbaijan's FM advises its citizens not to travel to Iran
According to the statement, Azerbaijani citizens in Iran are advised to exercise extreme caution and follow security guidelines.
The Azerbaijani Interior Ministry is conducting a special operation against the "Iranian spy network in Baku," Azerbaijani media reported.
The situation between the two countries has escalated to the limit.

The special forces of the Foreign Intelligence Service of Azerbaijan “Yarasa” did not allow the Iranian military to carry the body of the murdered head of the security service of the Azerbaijani Embassy in Iran, Orhan Askerov, to the plane at Tehran airport.

Deir E-Zour, Syria:
An emergency meeting was held in which senior Iranian Revolutionary Guards officers were present.
The meeting took place at the Iranian Ministry of Defense in the Al Jorah, Deir E-Zour.
The meeting lasted about an hour in which they discussed ways of responding to last night's Israeli strikes on weapon convoys.
The Conico and Al Omar Oil Fields (American bases) will be the first to get hit, the senior officials sent the orders to ground operatives to prepare for an attack.

The court in Iran sentenced a couple who published a video of themselves dancing in the streets of Tehran to 10.5 years in prison. In addition, they are prohibited from being active on social networks and from leaving Iran until two years after the end of the prison term.
And where is the UN human rights organization?
If it’s not Israel, they aren’t interested!

BREAKING: WW3 Looms as Israel Attacks Iran, Mearsheimer's Warning Coming Closer

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