Iran: On the Ninth Day, the Nationwide Uprising Spreads to 139 Cities in 31 Provinces
More than 140 protesters killed, at least 5,000 protesters arrested
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No changes in rhetoric or posting,mumbles, tweets or publications.
Sure looks like we’re going into the midterms with the status quo as being fine with everyone!
I truly thought that the world was going to change, however the only thing that will change is who attacks first and with what!
Right now it looks like, Russia first, America second, China third, N.Korea, Venezuela, Brazil (China), Iran, Syria added to all the other countries that love America.
Biden’s Administration has pushed the world to the brink of World War III and can’t remember who his wife is or how old she is!
You keep posting, tweeting, Mumbling & Publishing hoping & praying YOU & I are wrong.

🇮🇹Some time ago, a group of Italian patriots went to EU headquarters in Rome, removed EU flag and replaced it with the Italian one.

Threats of the corrupted unelected totalitairan politcian Von der Leyen doesn't scare Italians...

Why it was so hard to see Iran vs. Uruguay, a World Cup warm-up game in Austria

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Iran’s Exiled Prince Calls On Protesters To Continue Until Victory

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Iran's President abandons CNN interview after Amanpour declines head scarf demand
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US sanctions Iran officials, morality police over death of Mahsa Amini

State Department made ‘calculation’ to prioritize Iran nuclear deal over human rights issues

Iranian protests gain momentum: there are dead and injured

The protests began after the murder of a 22-year-old girl Mahsa Amini (she was beaten to death with sticks because she did not wear Rusari on her head). The security forces are using not only special equipment but also military weapons against the demonstrators.

Meanwhile, protesters in Iran tear up posters of Ali Khamenei.

Israeli officials say Iran’s Holocaust denial is why they can’t be trusted with nukes

Iran's president says meeting with Biden not 'beneficial,' policies same as Trump

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