California Rep. Karen Bass elected as Los Angeles mayor, beating billionaire Rick Caruso

Kanye Mocks Piers Morgan as a ‘Karen’ in Contentious Interview

Businessman Rick Caruso cuts Karen Bass' lead in Los Angeles mayoral race: New poll

LA mayoral candidate Karen Bass insists gun storage, registration '100% legal' in debate

We're out of Cheetos, Karen!

Los Angeles Democratic mayoral candidate Karen Bass says home was burglarized, two guns stolen

"The Lord had given them the day and the Lord had given them the strength. And the day and the strength had been dedicated to labor, and the labor was its reward. Who was the labor for? What would be its fruits? These were irrelevant and idle questions."
-Leo Tolstoy,
"Anna Karenina"

LA Democrat likely to plead guilty to stealing campaign funds

LA Democrat likely to plead guilty to stealing campaign funds

A Karen Makes Amends

Whistleblower: Pfizer’s Main Goal Is To Weaponize The Immune System
A former Pfizer employee turned whistleblower says that the main goal of the COVID-19 injections falsely being labeled “vaccines”, is to weaponize a human being’s immune system to kill itself. Karen Kingston, a former Pfizer employee, and current analyst said that the ingredients in the Pfizer “vaccine” are “poison.”
“Their mission statement is harnessing the immune system’s full potential to fight human disease,” Kingston read on a slide projected on the screen during her appearance at “Matrixxx Grooove with Jeff and Shady” on Brighteon.TV. “I mean, this is straight out of ‘Agent Smith’s mouth.’ I don’t mean to sound like a conspiracy theorist, but then BioNTech is like ‘we’re gonna edit people’s immune system so it kills themselves.’”
Kingston brought up a study published in the National Library of Medicine that states that the SARS-COV-2 virus can directly infect and may undergo limited transmission in human popu

Conversations with Karen Kingston and Clay Clark

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