Republicans have already demanded an audit of the funds transferred to Ukraine

A member of the lower house of Congress from the state of Georgia, Marjorie Taylor Green, said that they planned to send the request to US President Joe Biden. It will be about the money that America has allocated for assistance to Kiev from January 20, 2021 to November 15, 2022.

Kiev authorities announced the continuation of mobilization in Ukraine

“The subpoena should be expected by all males liable for military service under the age of 60. Raids during which subpoenas are issued will continue. They can be issued anywhere and at any time of the day,” said Kiev’s chief military commissar Yuriy Maksimov.

Kiev denies Moscow’s ‘dirty bomb’ allegations

Kiev Preparing ‘Nuclear Incident’ Provocation Against Russia, Sources Say

Ukraine decided to join EU 1,000 years before it was founded – Kiev

#AlexJonesShow : FALSE FLAG ALERT!! Biden Admin Claims Russia has Launched Cyber Attack Against US Airports as Russia Launches a Major Air Bombardment Against Kiev –


Strike on Kiev interrupts BBC live report (VIDEO)

Ukrainian sources state that Geran-2 Kamikaze UAV of the Russian Armed Forces has struck “infrastructure” in the Kiev oblast’

According to open source information, there were at least 10 Geran-2 kamikaze drone hits onto Ukrainian targets in Kiev and Odessa area in the last 2 hours.

There’s no evidence of Ukrainian Armed Forces Air Defence Systems downing any of these drones — at this time

Russian Armed Forces continue to launch new waves of Geran-2 attacks onto Ukrainian Armed Forces positions, according to pro-Russian sources and available footage.

These numbers are estimates as some footages might show the same attack multiple times.

It’s highly likely that Russian Armed Forces are targeting strategic Ukrainian Armed Forces targets such as repair plants, depots with hardware and HQs / temporary deployment points of Ukrainian military officers/troops.

These are all preliminary assumptions, there’s no evidence for any of this information (except the kamikaze drone attacks)

2 impacts in last wave of attacks on Kiev —

Another batch of Russian kamikaze UAV’s launched 1 minute ago

Another wave of Russian Armed Forces kamikaze UAV’s / attacks launched at multiple Ukrainian regions, including the Kiev oblast’.

Russian Armed Forces kamikaze drones, obtained from Iran, are currently hitting the Kiev region and Odessa. Targets unknown. Ukrainian air defense systems reportedly (unconfirmed) attempted interceptions — without success at the moment.

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